19 Sex Games You Can Play With Your Partner

No matter your stage in a relationship, opening up about what you want sexually is awkward. I need a prompt to get me to start talking about something so intimate. That’s where sex games come in. Whether it’s asking about your #1 turn-on or telling you where to kiss your partner next, sex board games get the ball rolling on fun, new things in the bedroom that you probably wouldn’t think up otherwise. Plus, they’re just a fun way to spend a Saturday night in. Scroll on for all of our favorites!

You and Me Intimacy Board Game Promotions

Need a few ideas to get you going in the bedroom? This game includes 90 different cards with various activities you and a partner can do together to spice things up.

Our Sex Game Board Game Set Promotions

This board game is reminiscent of all your childhood faves (like Candyland) but with a sexy twist. You’ll land on different prompts with cards about things to do and talk about it. If you want a thought-provoking game to get to know each other a little more sexually, this is it.

Put a Label on It Monogamy Board Game

Similar to the one above, this Monogamy board game is meant to be used with just your partner to heat things up, including cards ranging from passionate to steamy to fantasy.

Adam & Eve

Behind Closed Doors Board Game

You’ll go through this board game picking up cards on different positions, items to bring into the bedroom, and ways to engage in foreplay. Whoever makes it to the Winners’ Circle first gets to implement all their cards into the sex that inevitably ensues after. We love a little competition.

Adam & Eve

A Month Of Sex

If you want a game that you can play over time, try this. This calendar, similar to advent calendars for the holidays, gives you a timeline of ways to spice it up over a whole month. With things like “Dress up in your favorite role-play costume” and “Invite your lover to join you in the shower and then gently caress and wash their body,” your sex life will never be the same afterward.

Adam & Eve

Creative Kisses Card Game

Want something a little tamer? This card game includes 101 creative ways to kiss your partner, from sweet to very spicy. You could spend a night going through as many cards as you can, or keep this in the bedroom and try a new one every day.

Date Night Box

In this game, you spin the board, pick a card, and let the fun begin! This game will provoke conversation and connection, leading you both to a lovely night in the bedroom.

Talk, Flirt, Dare! Romantic Game

This game includes cards from three levels (Talk, Flirt, and Dare) in which you and your partner can heat things up with conversation, flirty roleplay, and sexy dares. Plus, this game isn’t too steamy, so you could play it with other couples too, making it great for get-togethers and dinner parties.

Truth or Dare for Couples: 50 Questions

For changing up your after-dinner routine, these truth or dare cards will inspire fun conversation and then some. Each card contains a truth and dare, so you choose what you want each round.

Holla Banana

Love & Naughty Stacking Tower

If you want a game that resembles games you normally play (you know, with clothes on), this is one to add to your collection. It’s essentially sexy Jenga: each block has an action that you must do if you pull it out. So, you get to play a game of Jenga (a classic) and get sexy all at the same time.

Love Honey

Lovehoney Position of the Week Snap

Finding new sex positions that actually work is harder than you think. This game allows you to actually try them out (with or without clothes—you choose!), making it a fun game to try as many new ones as you can. Ranging from easy to hard, these positions will test your ability to match the cards, all while having fun in the process. These positions are designed for sex between someone with a penis and with a vagina, but most of them can be recreated with a strap-on or for anal sex.

Love Honey

Foreplay Dice (3 Pack)

The easiest, simplest game on this list, add to your foreplay by rolling these dice and seeing what comes up! This game is ideal for travel because these dice are so small and pack up easily.

Love Honey

Position of the Week Cards

For even more sex positions, keep this deck of cards by your nightstand and take a peek every so often. Make a game of it by vowing to try a new card every single week.

The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers

This is possibly the sexiest game on this list, as you pick cards deciding what to do to each others’ bodies all in the time limit on the dice. The cards have three different levels (Mmm, Ooh, and Aah—catchy) to build progressive anticipation and excitement throughout the game. The second this comes in the mail, you’ll want to clear your calendar.

Love Honey

Fantastic Foreplay Board Game

Ready to try some new foreplay? This game makes it easy, containing cards with fun activities and cards that will provoke conversation around your biggest turn-ons and fantasies.

Love Honey

Lesbian Sex Position Cards

If you’re in a WLW relationship and looking for some new positions, look no further. This deck has over 50 cards of exciting new positions to look forward to. You can also add these to your other decks to bump up your lists even more!

Love Honey

Foreplay in a Row

You’ll be throwing your classic Connect Four out the second you try this. Connect four chips to win, and the winner gets to choose a task on the card to do that night.

Love Honey

Sex IQ Trivia Game

How much do you really know about sex? This game, which can be used with partners or with groups of friends, tests your knowledge on all things sex.

Love Honey

Strip Bedroom Blackjack Sex Card Game

If you’re a fan of strip poker, add this to your arsenal, which makes it easier by combining all the tasks right onto the cards. You can also use this deck to play other classic card games with a sexy twist, like Rummy or Fish.



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