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    Samsung and Emirates Nature-WWF forge a sustainable partnership in the UAE


    by Team Emirates Woman
    3 hours ago

    IN PARTNERSHIP: Samsung has unveiled a sustainability initiative in collaboration with Emirates Nature-WWF, dedicated to preserving the natural ecosystems of the United Arab Emirates.
    This partnership seeks to enhance and restore the UAE’s unique landscapes. Under the guidance of e&, Samsung will contribute a percentage of the revenue generated from sales of their latest Galaxy devices via and Etisalat channels to support Emirates Nature-WWF’s vital local conservation projects.
    This initiative reflects Samsung’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.
    Samsung’s sustainability endeavors extend beyond the surface, as the manufacturing of their Galaxy devices incorporates a significant portion of recycled materials, including plastics derived from discarded fishing nets, water barrels, and PET bottles.
    By repurposing these materials, Samsung is creating Galaxy devices that not only deliver top-tier performance but also play a pivotal role in environmental preservation.

    Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of the Mobile eXperience Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, expressed, “At Samsung, we firmly believe in the power of incremental steps. Though these steps may appear small in isolation, their cumulative effect leads us toward a brighter future. This ethos underpins all our sustainability initiatives, as they collectively pave the way for positive change.”
    The campaign encompasses an array of Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Watch 6, and Galaxy S23 Series. These devices are meticulously designed not only for durability and high-performance but also with a strong eco-conscious focus. They incorporate recycled materials, pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum, and post-consumer recycled plastics, representing Samsung’s unwavering dedication to sustainability.
    Mansour Al Ketbi, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Emirates Nature-WWF, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic partnership. He commented, “As a conservation-focused environmental charity, Emirates Nature-WWF is delighted to collaborate with Samsung on this initiative. By purchasing Samsung products through select channels, customers across the UAE are directly supporting local conservation efforts that deliver transformative benefits for both people and the planet.”
    Samsung’s partnership with Emirates Nature-WWF is set to drive sustainable change in the UAE, underscoring the profound impact of collaboration between the corporate world and environmental organizations. It’s a testament to the shared commitment of both entities to a greener and more sustainable future.
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    Samsung Galaxy Flip 5: it’s a sleek yet smart gadget that will add to the user’s delight


    by Ruman Baig
    34 mins ago

    IN PARTNERSHIP: Samsung’s fifth-generation Z Flip 5 folding-screen flip phone boasts a larger external screen that adds practicality, with a subtle price point increase.
    Design details
    The Galaxy Z Flip5, a pocket-sized device that offers an uncompromised foldable experience for self-expression. The enhanced Flex Window, now 3.78 times larger than before, brings new customization options including informative clocks and stylish frames, aligning with Galaxy Watch6 designs. The innovative Flipsuit Case offers protection and personalization with a changeable NFC card.
    Features to focus

    With the device closed, the Galaxy Z Flip5 boasts improved usability. The Flex Window lets users access information swiftly, including Widgets for weather, music control, and global stock updates. Multi Widget View allows quick switching between Widgets, while Quick Settings and call history are easily accessible. Quick Reply with a full QWERTY keyboard enables replying to messages on-the-go, and Samsung Wallet offers convenient mobile payment and access to various digital items.
    Galaxy Z Flip5’s design blends seamlessly with its versatile camera experience. The larger Flex Window aids in capturing high-quality selfies with the rear camera, and FlexCam enables hands-free shots from unique angles. Editing and reviewing images is effortless in Flex Mode, and Dual Preview allows subjects to adjust themselves in real time. Features like Super Steady and Auto Framing enhance photo and video quality, while AI-powered Nightography improves low-light results and 10X digital zoom enhances distant shots.

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    Buyer’s advantage in UAE
    Customers in the UAE who buy the Galaxy Z Flip5 from will get a free package that includes the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and the ‘Beyond Limits Special Edition’ inspired by Amna Al Qubaisi, the first Emirati female racer. This exclusive package, only found on, is created to honor Amna’s accomplishments and is designed by the renowned artist Dina Saadi. Additionally, it will feature a Flip Case and a case for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

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