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    Bregje Heinen wows in sexy swimsuit in launderette after getting engaged to Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino

    THIRSTY Bregje Heinen shows why she is a top slurpermodel.The Dutch beauty, 30, posed in a launderette in a tiger print Frederick’s of Hollywood swimsuit — and put fans in a spin drinking with a straw.
    Bregje Heinen puts fans in a spin as poses in a launderette in a tiger print Frederick’s of Hollywood swimsuitCredit: Mega
    Bregie has just got engaged to Vampire Diary’s actor Michael Trevino, 38Credit: Instagram
    It was a Christmas to remember for Bregie after she became engaged to Vampire Diaries’ actor Michael Trevino, 38.
    They must drive each other wild.
    Bregie has already modelled for the likes of Victoria’s Secret and Prada and Versace.
    She also made a cameo appearance in the music video for Maroon 5’s 2012 hit single Payphone.
    Bregje is also an occasional actress and has a cameo role in big-budget flick Babylon, starring Margot Robbie.
    In Babylon Margot plays Nellie LaRoy — a controversial rising star based on original Hollywood It-Girl Clara Bow.
    Bow bathed in champagne at lavish parties at a time when alcohol was outlawed in the US and slept with her co-stars.
    The film also stars Brad Pitt, 58, and Olivia Wilde, 38, and was directed by Damien Chazelle, 
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    Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan’s comforting words to daughter Chloe revealed after her split from James Haskell

    CHLOE Madeley has revealed the touching words her parents Richard and Judy told her after her split from James Haskell. In October, Chloe, 36, and former England rugby player James, 38, announced they were separating after five years of marriage.
    Chloe Madeley revealed the comforting words her parents told her after her splitCredit: Getty – Contributor
    Chloe said she broke down in floods of tears after her split was publicly announcedCredit: Getty – Contributor
    The personal trainer and former rugby player James Haskell split in October last yearCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    The personal trainer said that she broke down in floods of tears at her TV star parents home when the split was announced publicly.
    She told OK! Magazine: “The day that the statement came out, James had Bodhi and I went round to my parents’ house and I just sat and cried all day. They just gave me massive hugs and didn’t leave my side.”
    Chloe said her dad Richard, 67, and mum Judy, 75, have offered her words of comfort and support during this difficult time.
    “My mum and dad’s title line is, ‘As long as you’re happy, we support you.’ So they’re fine,” she said.
    “Everyone is very adult about it. No one has any interest in any family drama.”
    Chloe said she was grateful to have “kind and warm” parents, adding: “I really hit the jackpot”.
    It comes after fitness enthusiast Chloe was forced to deny she was pregnant as she and James reunited at Christmas.
    In one sweet picture shared on Instagram the mum kissed her baby girl on the cheek in front of Christmas tree, while in another James smiled with Bodhi at the table.
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    Chloe captioned the post: “A London Christmas Eve Eve.”
    But one fan wrote in the comments section: “Chloe your tummy is telling us something or am I imagining it.”
    Chloe shut it down by replying: “Oh dear. They’re dungarees and I’m supporting my baby girl, come on babe, check yourself. Merry Christmas to you and yours.”
    Chloe and James confirmed their split in an emotional statement in October.
    The couple – who married in 2018 – first sparked break-up rumours when PT Chloe stepped out band-free on a night out in London.
    Two months ago, The Sun exclusively revealed how Chloe had ditched her wedding ring when James was spotted chatting to a mystery blonde.
    Shortly after, Chloe filled her social media with a slew of cryptic comments – including stating how she feels “lucky” in her current state.
    It came at the same time as scenes showed Chloe branding her spouse a k***head after he shared clips of women in bikinis to Instagram.
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    After viewing her husband’s social media clips, Chloe raged: “He’s on Instagram uploading videos and photos of all these girls and I was like I will kill you. I will fly to Ibiza and kill you.”
    The pair then released their identical Instagram statements addressing their break-up.
    Chloe said she was grateful to have ‘kind’ and ‘warm’ parentsCredit: Getty More

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    Victoria Beckham shares picture of one of David’s new chickens complete with a VERY cheeky message

    SPICE Girl Victoria Beckham posted this snap of one of husband David’s new chickens, saying: “What a handsome Cock!!!”Posh gave the former England captain a flock of the fowl for Christmas.
    Victoria Beckham shared this snap of David reading Keeping Chickens for DummiesCredit: Victoria Beckham/Instagram
    Victoria also posted this snap on her Insta
    She gave her husband a flock of the fowl for ChristmasCredit: AFP
    She also shared a snap of him reading Keeping Chickens for Dummies, posting: “Just a little Friday night reading for @DavidBeckham.”
    Serie A has lost the “Beckham Law” after tense discussions took place with the Italian government.
    The law, officially known as the Crescita Decree, let’s high income earners from foreign countries have a 50 per cent discount on their tax bill.
    It is thought to attract foreign footballers to the Italian leagues and helps to increase competitiveness across Italy’s top flight.
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    The ruling is remarkably similar to the “Beckham Law” in Spain which allows high income foreign earners to pay just 24% income tax for their first six years in the country.
    The tax decree was coined the “Beckham Law” after David Beckham became one of the most notable foreigners to take advantage of it after he moved to Real Madrid in 2003.
    But the Italian equivalent will no longer stand after discussions in the Italian Council of Ministers have led to the rule being binned.

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    Kate Ferdinand shows off incredible figure just months after giving birth as fans praise her for ‘normal’ parenting

    KATE Ferdinand has showed off how in shape she is just months after giving birth.The beloved TV personality, 32, posted a series of snaps from her family Christmas holiday in the Maldives.
    Kate Ferdinand enjoyed a family holiday over the Christmas periodCredit: Instagram
    She posed for photos on the beach with hubby RioCredit: Instagram
    The TV personality is already in shape after her pregnancyCredit: Instagram
    Kate enjoyed some time in the sun with husband Rio Ferdinand and their children, taking the chance to strip down to black swimwear.
    She can be seen flashing her abs in bikini photos, despite only having given birth to her second child back in July.
    Kate shared fears for baby Shea in October as she broke down in tears during a live video telling fans that she had to be rushed to a special unit after birth because she wasn’t getting “the right amount of oxygen”.
    Now the little girl seems to be happy and healthy as the mum nursed her from a bottle on the beach.
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    Fans appreciated the down to earth content from Kate, who could be seen soaking the baby bottles in her sink in one snap.
    Followers spotted the unfinished washing up at the edge of one of her bikini photos.
    One eagle-eyed fan wrote: “The bottles in the sink! Doesn’t matter who or where you are the bottles still have to be washed.”
    Another joked: “Get them bottles done ffs!!”
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    A third laughed: “The bottles soaking in the sink! We live the same life girl x”
    Others congratulated Kate on managing to slim down so quickly after her pregnancy.
    One person gushed: “You’re looking so well Kate. What a figure you have.”
    Another added: “Kate you look incredible I need your secrets!”
    Fans loved her keeping it real as a parentCredit: Instagram More

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    I’m working dream job pulling pints at famous pub – I only applied for the job as it featured in Hollywood film

    A BARTENDER has revealed she’s working her dream job – and only applied for it as she loves the movie that was filmed there.Iconic rom-com Bridget Jones’ Diary – starring Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant – is partially set in London’s much loved Borough Market.
    Globe Tavern staff member Izzy applied for her job because it was ‘The Bridget Jones Pub’Credit: Peter Jordan
    Bridget Jones can be seen at her front door with Mr DarcyCredit: Alamy
    Bridget Jones fans visiting the iconic doorCredit: Peter Jordan
    Bridget’s cosy flat was actually inspired by properties above the Globe Tavern Pub, on Bedale Street and festive film fans still flock to see her door each year.
    In the 2001 movie, Bridget lives above the pub.
    Izzy, 21, a bartender at The Globe Tavern, told The Sun Online: “I actually only applied here because it was Bridget Jones’s pub.
    “My friend worked here and told me the movie was filmed here and I wanted to do the same.”

    The site is famous for being Bridget’s home – including her sweet encounters with love interest Mr Darcy.
    Tourists regularly flock to the market as part of tours following the movie – meaning the already busy destination is swamped by rom-com lovers.
    But locals don’t seem to mind – and instead love seeing the area filled with excited tourists.
    Fellow bar staff James added: “We get a lot of people coming in. I park my bike there every morning and there are a lot of people who just stand there and say ‘there it is’.
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    “There are parts in the flat upstairs that do look exactly like the film.
    “It does definitely bring a lot of people in here, but most of the people who come here are city workers.
    The 23-year-old continued: “Me and my friend watched it in here one night because I had never seen it.”
    Emily, who runs Hobbs Roast, located just opposite the legendary doorway, said: “When they were filming, this shop was turned into a taxi firm so we’re in the back of the movie.
    “We do get a lot of people coming and taking pictures of the door and asking us ‘Is this it?’.
    “You get to meet people from all over the world who have seen the same film, so it’s really good.”
    Tourists, Sabine and Stephanie, had travelled from Belgium to visit the capital and decided to take some snaps in front of the iconic doorway.
    The mum and daughter duo laughed and said: “We’re on a city trip and we wanted to take a picture, we’re huge fans of the movie.
    “It’s amazing to see and be here.”
    Davan, who works at Hobbs Barber Shop, on the same street as the Bridget Jones door, said he ran a store there 22 years ago and saw the film crew every day.
    “Borough Market wasn’t like how it is today, it was really quiet, and it was after they filmed Bridget Jones then I remember we had a lot of tourists coming in,” he said.
    I actually only applied here because it was Bridget Jones’s pubIzzyGlobe Tavern bartender
    “I saw lots of cameras and lights.
    “These days it is quieter. But the tourists here are incredible. I would say a quarter of my clients are tourists, they’re so interesting and they have stories to tell.”
    Lucy, who works at Borough Market stall, Wyndham House, agreed and said the film brings in hoards of visitors.
    “It does bring a lot of tourists, tours of 20 or so people come around to look at the door,” she said.
    “And then they come to us which is good.”
    This comes as locals living in the village where The Holiday was filmed weren’t so keen on the attention and slammed tourists.
    The ongoing battle in Shere, Surrey has reached boiling point and now parish council members are planning to introduce parking fees as well as a charge to use the public toilets.
    It is hoped these fares will deter hoards of tourists, while also raising enough money to maintain the frequently used facilities.
    But, now a bitter war has erupted between homeowners and visitors after plans sparked keyed cars.
    Fed-up residents are also embroiled in a heated row with business owners who welcome trade as people flock to the iconic countryside location.
    One resident, who did not want to be named, told The Sun Online: “We’ve lived in the village for 18 years and the parking and traffic situation has got worse and worse.
    “It’s become so bad now that we want to move, which is such a shame as it’s a beautiful village, with lots of lovely walks around it, but the invasion is just too much.
    “We don’t go out with the car much anymore as there are just too many visitors to the village and I’m sure there will be an accident soon.
    “The village has become a complete tourist trap and the other day a fire engine struggled to get down the road as there were cars parked down both sides.
    “The situation got worse during lockdown when people couldn’t travel abroad and started finding pretty places in England to visit and it has continued.”
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    Another anonymous local added: “Parking has become a huge issue in the village and it’s a real problem when I have visitors.
    “The Holiday movie is great for the pubs and businesses as it brings in crowds and money, but it’s not good for locals trying to get out and about to the shops and the school.”
    The movie is iconic thanks to Bridget’s loveable natureCredit: Alamy
    The legendary festive movie was filmed above The Glove Tavern pub in Borough Market, LondonCredit: Peter Jordan
    Hobbs eatery opposite the Globe Tavern welcome the business tourists bring inCredit: Peter Jordan
    Barber Davan said he can remember working in Borough Market when the movie was filmedCredit: Peter Jordan
    Bartender James, who works in the Globe Tavern, parks his bike beside the Bridget Jones door before each shiftCredit: Peter Jordan More

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    Jess Wright cruelly home-shamed as she breaks brother Mark’s strict house rule

    JESS Wright has been cruelly home-shamed after she broke her own brother Mark’s strict house rule.The Only Way Is Essex legend took to her official Instagram account to share Christmas Day snaps with fans.
    Jess Wright has been cruelly home-shamed after she broke her own brother Mark’s strict house ruleCredit: Instagram
    She could be seen beaming as she stood beside hubby William Lee-Kemp and their young boy Presley StoneCredit: Instagram
    Jess, 38, posed with her young family at her stunning Christmas tree as she shared an insight into the big day.
    She could be seen beaming as she stood beside hubby William Lee-Kemp and their young boy Presley Stone.
    But one fan replied to the festive snaps with a cruel comment about their outfits.
    The user wrote: “As nice as these photos are, if that was my house, I wouldn’t be letting anyone walk on my new carpet with their shoes on!”
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    Jess’ brother Mark Wright, who also starred in TOWIE, has a strict rule about shoes in his house.
    The 36-year-old lives with his actor wife Michelle Keegan at their stunning £1.3 million mansion.
    But he revealed nobody is allowed wear shoes or socks on his expensive carpets – insisting visitors would have to ‘wash’ their feet.
    While previously giving a daughter of the abode, Mark told his followers: “The colour is revealed… and this is why if you come to this house you will never be wearing shoes, or socks, you’ll be washing your feet.
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    “Basically pure white with a little hint of cream, and the best thing about this, this is eco-friendly, recycled from the ocean. Absolutely beautiful, over the moon.”
    Presley Stone was born in 2022Credit: Instagram
    Jess’ brother Mark, pictured, has strict rules about shoes in his own houseCredit: Instagram More

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    Strictly star’s scorching beach retreat to topless sunbathing, these celeb Xmas holidays snaps look NOTHING like ours

    WHILE we faced a cold, rain-soaked Christmas at home, the stars hotfooted it abroad for some Yuletide sun.Over the past month, celebs have been sharing snaps of their glorious getaways on Instagram, from sizzling destinations including the Caribbean and Mexico.
    We reveal the trendy retreats where famous faces have been topping up their tansCredit: Getty
    Here, Thea Jacobs and Josh Saunders reveal the trendy retreats where famous faces have been topping up their tans.
    Heidi Klum
    WHILE revellers in the UK had a skinful over the festive period, the German supermodel, 50, gave us an eyeful by sunbathing topless on a beach in St Barts in the Caribbean.
    Heidi Klum gave us an eyeful by sunbathing topless on a beach in St Barts in the CaribbeanCredit: Instagram/heidiklum
    Bianca Gascoigne
    THE telly star got the Christmas gift of a lifetime when her boyfriend Arron Wright proposed on holiday.
    In a skimpy bikini, Bianca, 37, flashed her engagement ring in Ko Samui, Thailand, with Arron and baby daughter Blake Sunshine.
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    Bianca Gascoigne with boyfriend Arron Wright and daughter Blake SunshineCredit: biancagascoigne1/Instagram
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    THE 51-year-old actress looked ho-ho-hot as she strolled along the shore in Cabo, Mexico, in a Crimbo-style red two-piece and shading her eyes from the sun.
    Gwyneth Paltrow spent her hols in Cabo, MexicoCredit: Instagram
    Catherine Zeta-Jones
    HATS off to the Welsh actress who channelled Indiana Jones by wearing a fedora on Christmas Eve in rural Kerala, India.
    Catherine, 54, was holidaying there with hubby Michael Douglas and her family.
    Catherine Zeta-Jones channelled Indiana Jones by wearing a fedora in IndiaCredit: Instagram
    Charlotte Crosby
    THE reality star, 33, had an abs-olute ball showing off her toned tum in a teeny bikini on a £2,000-a-night Maldives holiday.
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    Charlotte Crosby showing off her toned tum in a teeny bikini in the MaldivesCredit: charlottegshore/Instagram
    Kate & Rio Ferdinand
    THE former footie ace and his wife played a blinder by escaping to the Maldives for the festive period.
    Kate, 32, and Rio, 45, still got their White Christmas – but it was pure sands, not snow, that they enjoyed on their break together.
    Kate & Rio Ferdinand escaped to the Maldives for ChristmasCredit: Instagram
    Nikita Kuzmin
    THE Strictly runner-up dumped the dancefloor for Dubai on his festive getaway.
    Nikita, 26, had a splashing time at the five-star hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.
    Nikita Kuzmin had a splashing time at the five-star hotel Burj Al Arab JumeirahCredit: Instagram
    Amber Turner
    HERE’S a real winter warmer ­ – the Towie star sizzling in a bikini.
    Bronzed Amber, 30, Turner-ed up the heat while posing in Dubai.
    Amber Turner sizzles in a bikini in DubaiCredit: instagram
    Ekin-Su & Davide
    CHRISTMAS was an Italian job for the Love Island sweethearts as they enjoyed a romantic break in Rome.
    Ekin-Su Culculoglu, 29, and Davide Saclimenti, 28, looked cosy and content after recently rekindling their romance.
    Ekin-Su & Davide enjoyed a romantic break in RomeCredit: Instagram More

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    ‘This photo hasn’t done you any favours’ rant Love Island fans as they shame Chloe Burrows for ‘offensive’ Xmas post

    LOVE Island fans have shamed Chloe Burrows over a Christmas post they find “offensive”.Reality star Chloe, 28, came under fire for sharing a snap of herself sticking up her middle finger alongside a young child.
    Love Island fans have shamed Chloe Burrows over an ‘offensive’ Christmas postCredit: Instagram
    She had written in her caption, “Christmas hangovers made so much better with this little squidger!!!!!!!!!
    “Happy Xmas everyone love from me xxxx.”
    But her followers were far from impressed, taking to the comments section where they gave hr a piece of her mind.
    One wrote, “Nice, showing the middle finger I front of a child so the whole world can see.”
    read more on chloe burrows
    Another added, “Charming NOT. that photo hasn’t done you any favours,” while someone else agreed, “How classy!! Sticking your finger up with a baby!”
    Hower someone defended her, with one arguing, “Y’all are so mad bout the middle finger like that baby is gonna realise or remember it.”
    2021 star Chloe isn’t the first celeb to be slammed for posting something controversial over the festive season.
    Olivia Attwood was hit with backlash after uploading a sweet selfie in front of her Christmas tree.
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    It saw Olivia snuggled up with her footballer husband Bradley Dack, 29, with the newlyweds wearing matching check pyjamas, as they perched on their cream sofa.
    They posed in front of a huge tree, adorned with candy canes, gingerbread men and red baubles.
    Yet despite the truly festive display, the ITV2 favourite was slammed by a slew of fans for her caption, referencing the religious meaning of Christmas.
    She uploaded two snaps, with the latter showing the pair enjoying a kiss, and the words: “Makin’ out at Jesus’s bday party,” followed by a Santa and champagne emoji icons.
    She stuck up her middle finger alongside a young childCredit: Instagram
    Chloe shot to fame on the 2021 series of Love IslandCredit: ITV More