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    The 5 Healthy Habits I Strive for When I’m Feeling Unmotivated

    Some days, I feel like a complete rockstar. I get up early, do my morning skincare routine, stay on top of my hydration game throughout the day, hit the gym, and shower. I fly through my to-do list, jump at opportunities to help coworkers, and create new tasks for myself. I feel social, I reach out to friends to see how they’re doing, and I am active in my family group chat.Other days, I feel like the human equivalent of a stale piece of bread. 
    It’s 100 percent normal to have good days and bad days. Those of you who have more good days than bad, I envy you! For me, especially this year, having a heavy amount of rough, unmotivated days has been more prominent. I’ve been trying really hard not to get too down on myself. Living alone and working from home has taken quite a toll on my mental health and, while I do my best to put my best foot forward (yay therapy! yay reaching out to friends! yay journaling!), some days I just straight up feel like garbage.
    Years ago, there was a darker time in my life where, on my days off from my job as a nurse, I literally wouldn’t get out of bed. If you’ve ever had one of those days… you already know. Feeling too anxious or depressed to get out of bed on top of feeling guilty for not being as motivated as you’re used to being is a vicious cycle and it can be tough to get out of. After too many days of feeling like an absolute blob, I made a not-feeling-so-great action plan to help me rebuild my confidence and to stay present on the days where I’m just not feeling it. Here are the five non-negotiable healthy habits that I prioritize on my most unmotivated days:

    1. Stay hydrated
    After I emerge from my nighttime slumber, I always, always, always rehydrate. Lately, I’ve been reaching for a big mason jar of hot lemon water to help me hydrate, improve digestion, and supplement some vitamin C. Drinking any kind of water is one of the easiest things you can do for your health and sets the tone for a better day. Trust me, being a dehydrated raisin withering away in bed is just not the move!

    2. Make a realistic to-do list
    I’m not talking about a list of “20 things that need to be done today.” Even on my most productive days, the likelihood that I fully complete a to-do list is rare, so I’m not trying to set myself up for failure. I’ll jot down multiple things that “need to be done at some point,” then, I’ll filter out my top three. Those three things must be done by the end of the day and I start with the least taxing first to help me ease in and to help me build my confidence. Checking something off of my to-do list always gets me going.

    3. Move my body
    I actually love working out once I get going but, like a lot of people, getting there can be the hardest part. When I’m feeling motivated and have time to spare, I could easily hit the gym for two hours to do cardio and lift which is a huge feat to tackle on days where I’m feeling low. On “blah” days, I still make sure I move my body to improve circulation, work on my mobility, and pump up my endorphins. I’m not talking anything crazy. I’ll either go on a walk if the weather is nice or I’ll pull out my yoga mat to either stretch or do a few yoga flows. 

    4. Tidy up my living space
    When I’m not feeling so hot, the last thing I want to do is fold laundry, do dishes, or round up the water cups that have been accumulating around my apartment. But this year, I’ve gotten in the habit of cleaning up as I go, no matter what (I know, groundbreaking). My grandmother was right: It has made the day-to-day cleanup more manageable. For me, there’s nothing less inspiring or more anxiety-inducing than being surrounded by clutter and having the constant visual reminder that my life is an absolute mess.

    5. Laugh
    They say that laughter is the best medicine and, honestly, I am “they.” Besides the known scientific benefits of laughing, I have found it to be one of the best ways to help me feel like myself again. Whether I find laughter in FaceTiming a friend, rewatching my favorite episode of The Office, putting on a stand-up comedy, or reading a humorous book, it is my daily challenge to find it—no joke. More

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    25 Pick-Me-Ups You Can Order Now and Use Next Week

    I rarely look to retail therapy, but when it works, it works. You don’t have to buy a Chanel bag every time you get stressed at work, but a mere $10 new candle can have quite the impact on your mood (if even for a short period of time). I’m all for free acts of self-care, but if you want to upgrade your life just a little bit, these small gifts to yourself fit the bill. They’re the kind of purchase future you will thank you for. Get a head start on a better next week by adding a few of these to your cart.

    The Sex Gel

    A fancy lube is the exact life upgrade I need. It’s so cute, I might even leave it out. *gasp!*

    PLANT Apothecary
    Start Happy Organic Body Wash

    This editor-favorite body wash is everything you want: it smells good, it doesn’t dry out your skin, and it’s not a million dollars. Plus, this Black-owned brand is also clean, so you can feel good about the products you’re putting on your skin.

    Essie Expressie
    Quick-Dry Nail Polish

    Give yourself an at-home manicure in a seasonal shade or your classic neutral. The Expressie line is one of my favorites because the polishes look high-quality and dry exponentially fast—a plus for impatient polishers everywhere.

    Balance Bath Bombs

    A cozy bath is a dream at the end of a long day, and these luxe CBD bath bombs make it feel like a spa night without leaving your home. Our editors swear by these for the best sleep ever!
    Use code EVERYGIRL for 20 percent off your first order!

    Olive & June
    Shooting Stars Nail Art Stickers

    Ready to up your manicure game? These nail stickers are so easy to use and under $10. No one will know you didn’t magically become a nail pro during quarantine.

    Rattan Sandalwood Vegan Candle

    This is my current favorite candle. The scent is lightly fall because of the cozy woodsy/sexy scent, but you could easily burn it all year round. The throw is great (I burn it and smell it throughout my whole apartment AKA a mere 300 square feet LOL), and it never tunnels for me, burning evenly and cleanly.

    Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask

    A 10-minute mask that targets breakouts, irritation, dryness, oil, AND dullness? Perhaps I’ll stock up on no less than eight tubes.

    Pore Treatment Strips

    These are my new obsession, and I am lusting after them like crazy. Ever since I watched this video, I think about them every single time I look at my pores and blackheads in the mirror. They’re a bit of a splurge for pore strips, but this comes with eight different strips to use on the days your skin is the most congested.

    American Eagle
    Strappy Back Sports Bra

    Two of our editors (including me, the person writing this; she goes by Beth) tried this sports brarecently, and both called it an absolute winner. It’s comfortable and somewhat modest without pushing your boobs down and hiding them from the world. We love it for working out and for lounging!

    Rare Beauty
    Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

    Since I started working from home, blush has become my favorite beauty product ever. It’s surprising how much better I look on a Zoom call when I pop a little bit of blush on my cheeks. You can wear no other makeup, and blush just makes you look alive and well. This is a new favorite in my arsenal for its high-pigment and blendable formula.

    Safe and Fair
    Snack Bundle

    What’s a better pick-me-up than some really awesome snacks? This is a mix of my favorites from Safe + Fair, a company that makes snacks without the top 16 food allergens. The Pea Protein Chips are my favorite chips of all time—seriously, I would give up Doritos if I had a constant supply of this in my home, but their Drizzled Popcorn is another staple in my cabinet for movie nights and for a fun snack while working from home.

    Real Men Kit Hardcover Book

    What better way to cozy up than with a new book? Thrillers are good and all, but sometimes I just want something with a little love. This book follows Jesse after his foster-turned-adoptive mother dies, leaving him and his brothers her knitting shop in Harlem. Jesse wants to keep it open while his brothers want to close the doors, so he enlists the help of part-time shop employee Kerry to learn the ins and outs of the business… and of course, she has a secret crush on him. It’s the cozy romcom you’ve been dreaming of.

    Pottery Barn
    Velvet Pom Pom Slippers

    The criss-cross fuzzy slipper was a major player in 2019, but I’m calling these 2020’s answer. I’m an Instagram girl, what can I say? And these are close-toe, meaning I’ll never have to stress that anyone can see my disgusting unpainted toenails when I snap an inevitable pic with my hot cocoa or while I’m watching holiday movies on end this year.

    Range Beauty
    True Intentions Hydrating Foundation

    Glowy, flawless skin just feels good. When you catch those little glimpses in the mirror throughout the day and your skin just looks *heart eyes*?! It’s life’s little pleasures. This Black-owned brand has been on my radar for a while now, and their hit foundation just launched at Target!

    BYBI Beauty
    Blueberry Oil Booster

    After staring at a computer screen on end for the better part of the last eight months, we can’t help but wonder what all of this extra screen time could be doing to our skin. This affordable facial oil is made of 100 percent cold-pressed blueberry seed oil, which is said to reduce the negative effects of blue light on the skin by blocking the light before it penetrates the skin. Our editor uses this in her skincare routine every morning!

    Jordan’s Skinny Syrups
    Happy Holidays Gourmet Coffee Syrup Trio

    Once I found these coffee syrups, I broke whatever was left of a Starbucks habit for good. I make amazing coffee every single morning with these, and I love that they’re not filled with sugar because they don’t taste like my teeth will fall out at any moment. Trust me: “Christmas Cookie” is going to be a staple in my kitchen until approximately June 2021. Don’t love holiday scents? Might I introduce you to this staple set instead.

    Satin Face Mask

    A gorgeous face mask that makes you feel like a million bucks when you step out of your apartment for the first time in 10 days? Sign me the heck up.

    Vicks VapoShower
    Shower Bomb Tablets

    Did your grandma tout the miracles of Vicks VapoRub like mine? I was convinced it would cure my acne, period cramps, mosquito bites, broken hearts, headaches, and everything in-between. This is a new find that I think will save my sinuses come December when my allergies are out of whack. Don’t have time for a luxe bath with your CBD bath bombs? No worries, pop one of these in the shower for a steamy, sinus-clearing experience.

    Stella & Haas
    The Simone Huggie

    A fun, new spin on your classic gold hoops will live in your wardrobe for years—and always bring you a little extra joy. I mean, look—they’re so cute!

    Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

    If sleek, shiny hair is your goal, add Dream Coat to cart ASAP. Hairstylists swear by this product for that glass hair look. Use it all over your hair before heat-styling (it has to be activated by heat!), and see your strands glisten and glow!

    Glass Water Bottle with Protective Silicone Sleeve

    Our editor got this water bottle recently, and I haven’t seen her drink out of a single other vessel since. Not only is this water bottle chic and sophisticated, but it keeps water and other beverages cold. Plus, the silicone makes it easy to carry without worrying you’ll drop it—my absolute biggest fear as a reformed klutz.

    McBride Sisters
    Black Girl Magic 2018 California Red Blend

    What’s a night in without some adult libations?! We love red in the fall and winter, and this bold, sexy red blend (with notes of tobacco, vanilla, raspberry, plum, and blackberry) has our names written all over it.

    Golden Pulse Facial Massager

    Don’t leave all your facial massaging to your hands. This vibrating T-bar facial massager is a luxurious addition to your skincare collection, but it’s actually so affordable. Facial massage is great for your skin, but for me, it’s a practice that saves my mental health and helps me fall asleep more easily at night (and that’s on anxiety!).


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    If Your Bedroom Is Your Desk, Here’s What to Do…

    If I had a dollar for the number of times I’ve heard the warning, “You shouldn’t work from home in your bed,” I’d have enough money to move out of my cramped studio apartment and look for a more spacious option that would allow me the luxury of the desk/office space I’m missing. I can see where critics are coming from: a bed is a place for sleeping and, in an ideal world, having an out-of-bed workspace can have a positive impact on productivity, sleep, and our mental health. As much as I’m sure we’d all love to have a designated workspace that isn’t our bedroom, sometimes there’s just no getting around it. Whether it be having a small space to work with, attempting to work where kiddos are running around, hiding from a pet who has an affinity for your laptop keys (my cat is the queen of this), or sharing a WFH space with a partner who needs the living room for a conference call, sometimes working in bed might be your only option.
    So, let’s normalize working from home in bed! If working in your sleep space works for you, that’s 100 percent OK and totally doable. Here’s how to make the most of it.

    Separate sleep time from work time
    As tempting as it is to snooze your alarm until 8:28am to make your 8:30am start time, stay snuggled in your blanket burrito, and keep your pajamas on all day, don’t fall into the trap! In the interest of separating sleep time from work time, get up early and partake in a morning routine to get you out of bed and to signal to your brain that it’s time to wake up and seize the day. When you return to your room, transform it into a workspace. Open your blinds to let the light in, make your bed, set up your laptop, change into a designated work-from-home outfit, set your favorite productivity playlist, and get going. 

    Invest in a back pillow to improve posture
    While sitting up in bed is a good alternative to lying flat (which may put one on the fast track to a fatal, accidental nap), it offers little to no back support. These back pillows will help your alignment, assist in improving your posture, and are an absolute must for working from your bed.

    Get a laptop tray
    No desk? No problem. If you don’t already have one, laptop trays are such a game-changer for working in bed. Having a flat surface to rest your laptop, notebook, planner, and coffee is so necessary and serves the function of a desk without the bulkiness.

    Buy non-spill drinkware
    If you’re like me, no workday is complete without multiple cups of coffee, hundreds of milliliters of lemon water, and several glasses of matcha tea. I used to have a very horrible habit of placing my beverages on the corner of my laptop next to the keypad—I know it’s bad, please don’t yell at me! Now I am older, I am wiser, and I bought spill-proof cups with lids that have offered the perfect solution. The idea of past me alone gives me a mini heart-attack and sends shivers down my spine. 

    Add to your extension cord collection
    Unless your bedroom is stacked with outlets, you’re going to need to invest in additional extension cords and outlets to fuel your electronic lifelines. Most bedrooms weren’t designed to be offices and don’t have many/close enough outlets to allow us to have all of our devices charging in cord length distance of our beds. Alas, we shall adapt.

    Schedule breaks to get up and moving
    As with sitting at a desk all day, sitting in your makeshift desk-in-bed situation for prolonged periods can have a detrimental effect on our health. Dr. Jasmine Marcus, PT, DPT, CSCS told Popsugar that getting up and moving “anywhere from every half hour to every two hours” can be beneficial in combatting an otherwise sedentary workday. Schedule deliberate stretch and walk breaks throughout your day to relieve pressure on your spine.and to keep blood and endorphins flowing.

    Having a set nighttime routine
    When your workday ends, clean up your workspace, say “goodbye” to your bedroom for a few hours, and treat yourself to a change of scenery to dissociate from your workday. Just as with a morning routine, perform a night routine of choice to help you wind down and to signal to your mind and body that it’s time for bed. Set the mood for bedtime, dim the lights, get in your coziest PJs, light a calming candle, and do a relaxing activity such as journaling or reading. Try your best not to scroll on IG or TikTok—your eyes and mind deserve a break! More

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    10 Things That Made Our Lives Better This Week

    OK, everyone, hear me out. I think 2020 has gotten a really bad rap. I, for one, have been less than kind to this year. Every time that I hear an adverse piece of news, find myself picking up my spilled groceries during a monsoon on Michigan Ave., or stub my toe on the corner of my couch, I throw my hands up in the air, look to the sky, and dramatically shout, “2020 is the worst.” There’s no denying that this year is weird to say the least, but a part of me thinks that maybe 2020 doesn’t like what’s happening either. If we drown out all of the hot mess and tune in, I’m sure we’ll find that good things are still happening and beautiful moments are not canceled.
    So, in our attempt to be more positive and present this week, we’re sharing our highlight reel of the things that brought us joy last week. Whether it be a warm latte on a gloomy Tuesday, a cringey new Netflix guilty pleasure, or a FaceTime with an old friend, we’re celebrating the moments (big and small) that brought us joy last week. Cheers to tuning back in and finding happiness in what has been the most *unprecedented* year yet.

    This week I made it a priority to send my friends and family letters to let them know I’m thinking of them during this crazy time. These notecards incorporate beautiful illustrations and typography on the cover of each blank notecard. I bought these from one of my favorite artists this summer and just started using them. Writing letters to some of my favorite people truly brightens my week!


    A few weeks back, my family and I went through a hard time as we lost our sweet grandmother who was fighting her battle with cancer. What made my week was that my thoughtful cousin surprised me with this personalized fingerprint necklace. It was so unexpected but appreciated as I will hold it dear to my heart forever. It’s a great gift for those who may have lost a loved one and would like to have a keepsake in remembrance.

    PSA, everyone: I’ve done it. I’ve found the best pumpkin banana bread recipe of all time, ever. OK, maybe that is a tad bit dramatic considering that I’m not a baker by anyone’s standards and I haven’t experimented with too many recipes—but wow, this bread was an absolute treat (I’m so sorry, I had to). Not only was it tasty AF, but baking helped me to carve out some “me time” (sans blue light) and gave me the space to blast Folklore/pretend that I was in a dramatic movie where I am the main character. Also, of note, baking the bread made my home smell like the fall oasis of my dreams. 10/10 would recommend.
    READ: Cream Cheese Swirled Pumpkin Bread with Salted Maple Butter

    Overall I would say I’m a big reader, although I always go through phases of reading a bunch and then not reading much at all. I had kind of been in a reading rut for the last few months. However, this week I picked up a thriller in honor of spooky season and devoured it in two days, and now I can’t wait to start reading more again! It’s so lovely to be able to do something at home that doesn’t involve staring at a screen. The book I read was Then She Was Gone, a story of a mother unraveling the details of her daughter’s disappearance years ago. It is full of twists and turns that I never expected—making it the perfect escape for everything going on in the real world.

    Listen. I know. I KNOW. The first episode is hilariously bad. The way being an influencer is portrayed is ridiculous. She wears no less than SEVEN outrageous hats (including two… bucket hats??). But in all honesty, this new Netflix series is exactly what I needed right now. It’s light as a macaron and just as nutritionally sound, but the scenery and the enviable eye candy will take your mind on a blissful escape. Hearing the word “Gabriel” spoken in numerous French accents is charming in the extreme and the actual Gabriel is quite possibly the most attractive man I have ever seen. I also spenakfkfkadfkafkdfkadkfakfakdfakdfakfkasdfkads fkadsfkasdft a lot of the series comparing Emily’s time in Paris to my trip to Paris in which I ended up accidentally ordering 200 euro steak at a four-star restaurant at 2 am that I was way too drunk to remember and having a lot of cheap umbrellas break over my head. It rains not a single time in this entire show so take that as you will.
    WATCH: Emily in Paris
    If you do end up watching and have the same thought process I did (“Her phone case is way over the top. Actually, do I like it?? Wait, maybe I’ll buy it. I guess I’m into it now.”), I’ve done the work for you:

    It’s still hot AF here in LA, but I swear my skin just knows when it’s fall because it gets dry and dull starting on October 1. As an important precaution, I just tried this non-toxic AHA face mask, and it made a huge difference even after one use. For starters, it’s called “Acid Gold” which is the bougiest thing I’ve ever heard and sounds like a skincare treatment Rihanna would do. The non-toxic formula is loaded with a variety of “acids” that definitely sound like they’re going to simultaneously unclog my blackheads and banish dead skin cells. Plus, it contains pumpkin enzymes, which is pretty fitting since anything without “pumpkin” in the title (or ingredients) just isn’t interesting to me RN. Not to mention that besides all the glow-boosting, it contains papaya enzymes to reduce bacteria and sea buckthorn oil to hydrate skin, so that basically takes care of the dryness and pesky cold-weather pimples. Full disclosure, I’ve put on this mask at least three times already this week because it’s just that good. My pumpkin candles are lit, semi-spooky movies are on repeat (Halloweentown High is as scary as I’ll go), but my skin’s back in summer-glow mode, thanks to this mask.

    It’s currently 45 degrees in Chicago, which combined with quarantine, means I’m in full-blown hermit mode. Comfort is key this fall, and this jacket has been giving me life every single day. I’ve been wearing this both as I work from home and every time I leave the house (including a million walks around the block with my dog) and I just throw it on and it’s like smothering myself in a soft, glorious cloud (not to mention it’s super warm). It’s the perfect addition to a 2020 fall wardrobe and will be worth its weight in gold once the temperatures drop even more.


    If you read any of my previous stories, you know I deal with chronic anxiety. I feel like I’ve tried every self-care remedy there is. However, I’ve realized if I’m not taking the time to talk with a professional, there is no amount of self-care that can help. I have tried a couple of online therapy options, but my favorite (and the most helpful) has been Better Help. I take an hour each week to talk with my therapist, and I feel grounded. To take what I’m learning in therapy to the next level, I bought Cleo Wade’s, Heart Talk Journal. I love it already! Journaling my feelings before bed with lavender tea helps to calm my busy mind. I think the duo is even helping me sleep better.

    Being able to take the time out to meditate has been a challenge for me recently, but this week, I have been getting back into the rhythm of checking in with myself, and the MyLife app is perfect for that. Every day, I choose how I’m feeling, and the app recommends a few quick 5-10 minute guided meditations to choose from that’s perfect to help me relax and re-center myself. Afterwards, it checks in with you to see how you’re feeling again using cute emojis to track your progress. It’s a quick but effective daily reminder to give myself a break and focus on just me.

    On a busy Friday, I headed to a local shop down the street that sells Korean Beauty on the cheeeeap. Said shop is a major favorite, but while in the shop, I asked the owner what she thinks would work best for my skin: once as oily as a teenage boy who’s entire diet consists of Doritos and frozen pizza, now absurdly dry for no reason at all. She recommended a few products, this among them to help with my clogged pores. You use a little bit of the balm just like you would a cleansing balm, and massage it into the area (I focused on my nose) for 3-5 minutes. The first time I used it, I didn’t really notice a difference. But on a whim, I tried it again last night, and I was aghast at the bits and pieces coming out of my pores. It was the most satisfying experience, to the point that I plan to use this basically every single night this week for the joy of seeing my blackheads literally pop out of my face. Plus, it is so expensive that I feel amazing using it over and over again without worrying that I’m using up something special. All good things from me. If you have blackheads, please buy this and send me all of the pics of what came out of your pores because that is porn to me. More

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    9 Cute Pieces to Inspire Everyone You See to Vote

    Can you believe we’re only 30 days away from the election? Us either. While the voting polls aren’t exactly New York Fashion Week, we’re all about doing things in style here at The Everygirl. From accessories to graphic tees, we’re rocking Vote merch proudly over the next few weeks, not only to show we’re proudly exercising our right to vote, but to encourage others to do the same.Side note: If you’re voting by mail or still iffy on where to start, be sure to check these deadlines within your state. 
    Happy voting!


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    The Fall Piece You Should Invest In Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Of all the fall activities, breaking out the credit card and buying a few new pieces for the season might trump them all. There’s nothing like getting out of the house in the best trends of the year—and with the temperatures dropping, there’s no time like the present.But obviously, this year poses a different issue: how do you allocate your fall funds when you don’t know how much leaving the house the season will entail? Spending a ton of money on trends is probably taking a backseat to spending money on comfortable loungewear—but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a trendy piece or two. 
    We’re taking out the guesswork for you and are giving you which trendy fall piece you should invest in based on your zodiac sign—even if you’re only wearing it to grocery shop, it’s worth celebrating the fashion that comes with the best season of the year.

    Aries: Fringe

    Source: style mba

    Aries are fearless and comfortable with who they are, which makes a statement piece the perfect item to invest in for fall. This season’s fringe trend is perfect for them, be it in the form of a chic jacket or versatile bag.

    Taurus: Something Preppy

    Source: @lillyandgrant

    Tauruses love to be dressed to the nines, and overdressing is a part of their nature. With rich colors and textures, fall 2020’s preppy trend is perfect for the self-care sign.

    Gemini: Faux Leather Pieces

    Source: @thekittyluxe

    Geminis are a little wild and even more indecisive—which makes a faux-leather piece the perfect, versatile addition to their wardrobe.

    Cancer: Jewel Tones

    Source: @fromheadtocurve

    These summer babies love to bring the bright, happy tones of their birth month to their wardrobes year-round. Opt for a jewel-toned piece instead of the dark, moody colors of the season.

    Leo: Animal Print

    Source: @trulyjamie

    Leos have a knack for taking an intimidating trend and making it wearable, and the out-of-the-box animal prints of the season will do just that. With zebra prints and even cow prints popping up this season, leave it to a Leo to pull them off.

    Virgo: Shades of Nude

    Source: @crystalinmarie

    Shades of nude that encompass all skin tones are everywhere this fall, and they’re a perfect way for the classically-dressed Virgo to hop in on a trend without needing to get too out of their comfort zone.

    Libra: A Bold Print

    Source: @thekittyluxe

    Libras are known for staying away from the drama, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to incorporate eye-catching elements to their outfits. Their breezy, life-of-the-party personalities make a piece in a bold print the perfect fall investment.

    Scorpio: Plaid

    Source: @simplytandya

    Scorpios are mysterious and intense, and true to their dark, emotional nature, fall 2020’s grungy plaid trend is a Scorpio’s dream.

    Sagittarius: Shearling

    Source: @jennytran

    Sagittarians are outgoing and happy and down to try pretty much anything, and although they draw attention with their personalities, they also like to draw it with what they wear. A trendy, shearling jacket that they can wear everywhere will keep them from feeling bored by their outerwear this season. 

    Capricorn: Tweed

    Source: Kathleen Barnes | Carrie Bradshaw Lied

    Capricorns are work and goal-oriented, which means anything that they can take from their job to their (virtual) happy hour is what they gravitate toward. Adding something tweed to their wardrobe is the perfect way for the sophisticated sign to reflect their personalities through their style.

    Aquarius: Dark Floral Prints

    Source: @styleidealist

    Aquarians are a little bit zany, and we love them for it. A funky, dark floral print will bring the water sign’s personality shine through all fall long.

    Pisces: Colorblocking

    Source: @carnationsandlace

    Of all the signs, Pisces would never shy away from color, and “neutral” isn’t a part of their vocabulary. They play with trends and make fashion an art, and no trend encompasses that more than colorblocking. Mix it in with your basics for an easy, go-to outfit. More

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    I Have a Fall Fashion Budget of $200—Here’s What I’m Buying

    Hi, I’m Ashley and I am the proud CEO of taking everything too far. If I like a TV show (as evidenced by my experience with The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and Outer Banks), I’ll rewatch episodes and seasons over and over until I know every line and use them effortlessly in everyday conversation. I love pizza rolls so much that my obsession with them has become a bit of a personality trait. In an effort to learn how to budget and invest, I spent $145 on financial self-help books. 
    Moderation is not my strong suit, so it’s no surprise that I’ve fallen into the trap of overspending on fall fashion year after year. This season, I’m taking a different approach. Instead of haphazardly and sporadically clicking add to cart over the entire season, I’m allowing myself to purchase everything now (and now only) with the plan to put a chastity belt on my credit card after I hit $200.
    After much deliberation, deleting item after item from my list to stay within budget, and searching for my favorite seasonal trends, I’m excited to introduce the items I’m adding to my wardrobe for fall 2020:

    Oversized blazers
    I have been obsessing over the blazer trend for so long and am finally pulling the trigger on ordering two for myself this season. I usually wear a small but I’m sizing up to a medium for an oversized look that I can dress up or down. I plan to wear these bad boys a ton and know that one day when things return to normal and office life makes a comeback, I’ll be able to wear them on workdays, too.

    A cozy flannel
    Last year, one of my friends allowed me the pleasure to borrow her oversized flannel for a trip to the cider mill. Upon wiggling into it, I promptly fell in love, took it home to wash it, and stared at it on my clothes rack for a little longer than I should have. I considered changing my name, moving out of the country, and starting a life on a small farm so that I wouldn’t ever have to give it back but, alas, my guilty conscious prevailed and I returned it in two business days. This year, I’m buying one of my own so that I can wear it at all times and live my best, sexy lumberjack life.

    A statement bootie
    While I consider black booties to be my number one fall staple, I have accumulated so many over the years that I am nearly swimming in them. My goal for this year was to buy a statement heel that I’ll actually wear. Initially, I had my eye on a pair of snakeskin booties but then, I had a better idea. My new and improved plan was to find a pair of white bootie heels that would complement my fall plaid purchases but would still make a bold statement and boom…I found these bad boys:

    A cropped sweater
    Sometimes I look at my bank account, wonder why I don’t have as much savings as I should, open my closet door to find a wardrobe bursting at the seams with chunky knit sweaters, and am politely reminded. While I would consider fall sweaters to be one of my 14 love languages, I need to cool it this year out of respect to my bank account. I don’t have many cropped sweaters in my collection and I love these balloon sleeves so I decided on this one:

    A plaid skirt
    If there is one shelf in my closet that is particularly empty, it’s the one that I previously allotted for skirts. I found the need for an autumn-friendly skirt two weeks ago when I decided I wanted to dive deep into fall fashion amongst “still too warm to fully embrace fall” temps. I figure that a plaid skirt will be super cute with a cropped or tucked in knit sweater and will help me transition into full-fledged fall fashion.

    Dupe faux leather leggings
    Alright, let’s be real… if I had the money, I’d definitely be buying the Spanx faux leather leggings that all of my coworkers gawk over. While they’re at the top of my “to invest in” list, I’m just not yet ready to take the financial plunge. Maybe next year will be my year! For now, I am going to try out these dupe faux leather leggings from Target and manifest winning the lottery for next fall. A foolproof plan, if you ask me. More