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    Run don’t walk: Netflix just dropped the first look of Emily in Paris Season 4


    by Ruman Baig
    3 hours ago

    Emily in Paris Returns: Fashion gets bolder, love Gets Messier in Season 4.

    Calling all Francophiles and hopeless romantics, Netflix has unveiled a first look at the highly-anticipated season 4 of “Emily in Paris,” the Darren Star comedy that’s equal parts fashion inspiration and Parisian escapism.
    All the BTS shots from Emily in Paris S4

    A Recap of Emily’s Parisian Adventures (So Far)
    For those new to the show, the first three seasons follow Emily Cooper, a young American marketing executive who lands her dream job at a Parisian firm. What unfolds is a whirlwind of cultural clashes, career challenges, and of course, a whole lot of love triangles.
    Emily navigates the chic world of Parisian fashion while struggling to master the language and customs. She develops close friendships with her colleagues, particularly Mindy, an aspiring singer, and clashes (but secretly admires) her sophisticated boss, Sylvie.
    The biggest drama, however, revolves around Emily’s love life. Torn between the charming chef Gabriel, her downstairs neighbor, and the kind Brit, Alfie, Emily’s heart (and loyalties) are constantly tested.
    What to Expect in Season 4
    Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, with Emily caught between her feelings for Gabriel and Alfie, further complicated by the news of Gabriel’s ex, Camille, expecting his baby.
    The first look photos for season 4 hint at a bolder Emily, both in terms of her personality and her fashion choices. Costume designer Marylin Fitoussi promises a “reinterpretation of Parisian fashion codes” with Emily taking more risks and asserting her own unique style.
    The synopsis offers a glimpse into the upcoming chaos: Emily wrestles with her feelings for Gabriel while he prepares for fatherhood, Sylvie faces a personal dilemma, and Mindy’s band scrambles for funds for Eurovision. Underlying it all is the undeniable chemistry between Emily and Gabriel, but with secrets threatening to derail everything.
    A Season Split in Two
    “Emily in Paris” season 4 will be a double feature, premiering in two parts. Part 1 arrives on August 15, 2024, followed by Part 2 on September 12, 2024. So, get ready to binge-watch, ooh la la at the fashion, and gasp at the inevitable romantic entanglements that await Emily in the City of Lights.
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    Book these one-flight destinations for your Eid al-Adha bread ASAP!


    by Ruman Baig
    4 hours ago

    Eid Al-Adha is around the corner, and UAE residents are looking forward to a potential 4-day or even a 5-day weekend.
    This extended break is the perfect opportunity to unwind, recharge, and explore new destinations.
    SUJÁN Sher Bagh
    The break is expected to fall around Saturday, June 15th or Sunday, June 16th. Official confirmation will be based on moon sighting closer to the date. Depending on when Arafat Day falls, you can enjoy a 4-day or a 5-day weekend.
    Looking to travel beyond the GCC? Here are some incredible one-flight getaway options:
    Dreaming of an escape this Eid Al Adha? Look no further than this curated list of incredible destinations, perfect for a quick getaway from the GCC. From Indian and Srilanka to the Maldives – we’ve curated a list of EW-approved summer properties you can visit during the Eid Al-Adha break.
    Ananda in the Himalayas, Rishikesh

    Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Himalayas at Ananda, a world-renowned holistic wellness retreat. This former palace estate offers a haven of peace and rejuvenation, with Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and healthy cuisine designed to restore balance and harmonize energy.
    SUJÁN Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore by Relais Chateaux

    Nestled on the edge of Ranthambore National Park, SUJÁN Sher Bagh transports you back to the golden age of safaris. This luxurious tented camp offers an unparalleled wildlife experience. Explore the park with expert guides and witness the majesty of tigers in their natural habitat. Relax by the pool, enjoy delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients, and soak in the ambiance of a bygone era.
    Sri Lanka
    Kayaam House, Tangalle

    Find your sanctuary at Kayaam House, a spiritual retreat on Sri Lanka’s south coast.This secluded spot offers a focus on restoration and recovery, with an outdoor yoga pavilion, infinity pool, and Ayurvedic treatments available. Unwind in the chic setting and reconnect with yourself amidst lush greenery.
    Ahu Bay, Southern Coastline

    Embrace a slower pace of life at Ahu Bay. This centrally located resort offers a blend of authentic Sri Lankan beach life and contemporary comfort. Personalized concierge service and a relaxed vibe ensure a truly restorative experience. Reconnect with yourself and others in this idyllic beachfront setting.
    One&Only Reethi Rah

    Indulge in ultimate luxury at One&Only Reethi Rah, an all-pool villa resort perfect for families. The resort offers spacious one and two-bedroom villas with private pools, sundecks, and direct beach access. Enjoy unforgettable moments by the shore with your loved ones.
    Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa

    Celebrate Eid Al-Adha in style at Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa, a luxurious all-pool villa resort perfect for families. This idyllic escape awaits you amidst the crystal-clear waters of the North Malé Atoll, just a four-hour flight from Dubai. The resort is conveniently accessible via a 20-minute speedboat transfer from Velana International Airport, making it the perfect choice for a quick getaway.
    What to pack for your Eid Al Adha getaway:

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    Sheikha Mahra shares a new adorable photo with her baby girl


    by Ruman Baig
    30 mins ago

    Giving us a peek into motherhood, Her Highness Sheikha Mahra shared an adorable photo of little Princess Mahra.
    The mother-daughter duo were seen to be snuggling up to each other, with it sweetly captioned as “just the two of us”.

    After sharing the first glimpse of baby Mahra from the hospital, the Royal Princess of Dubai revealed another tender moment with her precious daughter.
    First, she posted a black and white image of baby Mahra holding her fingers gently. A precious moment shared between the mother-daughter.

    Followed by a gratitude post with the doctor who helped bring her daughter into this world. Dr. Fahad Mirza is seen holding baby Mahra in the picture, seated next to Sheikha Mahra herself.

    Dr. Fahad Mirza with baby Mahra and Sheikha Mahra
    Recently, the Dubai Royal shared intimate photos from her child birth experience, giving the world a glimpse of her newborn daughter.
    When was Sheikha Mahra’s daughter born?
    Her Highness Sheikha Mahra Al Maktoum and Sheikh Mana Al Maktoum have welcomed the arrival of their baby girl on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.
    Dubai’s royal family is celebrating yet another joyous occasion as the couple welcome their first child together. Sheikh Mana announced the news via an Instagram story today, Thursday afternoon, revealing the safe arrival of their daughter.
    It was revealed by Sheikh Mana’s Instagram that the couple has named their precious daughter Mahra.
    In a heartfelt post shared by Dubai’s favourite Princess, she said, “Thank you Dr. Fadi Mirza and Latifa Hospital team for all your support and most memorable experience for bringing baby Mahra to this world. 01.05.2024.”
    Acknowledging the hospital staff and the medical team that helped her deliver the baby, Sheikha Mahra shared her gratitude for a safe and sound experience.
    Supporting his wife through-and-through, Sheikh Mana was spotted by her bedside, holding her dearly through the entire process.
    The pictures included mother-daughter moments along with images of Sheikha Mahra’s mum holding her grandchild and Sheikh Mana gracing his baby daughter.
    Take a look at the intimate-yet-precious photos shared by the Princess:

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    Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s holiday in Spain: Shop outfits inspired by the sisters


    by Ruman Baig
    3 hours ago

    One thing the Jenner sisters know how to do, is to live it up in style. Recently, both Kendall and Kylie shared photo dumps from their European summer, leaving their half-a-billion followers on Instagram in some serious envy.

    Kendall & Kylie take over Spain
    From yacht rides, beach walks, kayaking and sunset chases in Mallorca – the images and videos looked straight out of Pinterest.
    Serving some serious ‘main character’ energy on their separate accounts, Kendall and Kylie shared their OOTD and OOTN in their envy-worthy wardrobe from their European summer.
    Whether it was Kendall’s dreamy lilac dress or Kylie’s yet-to-be released tomato dress from Khy, the duo looked instagram-ready in all their photos.

    Mallorca: A Discreet Celebrity Escape
    Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearics, offers a luxurious escape for celebrities seeking privacy amidst stunning scenery, rich culture, and delectable cuisine. Here’s a curated itinerary for the discerning traveler:
    Where to Stay: Deia – A Secluded Artist’s Haven
    Ditch the glitzy resorts and embrace the charm of Deia, a peaceful village nestled in Mallorca’s Tramuntana Mountains. This picturesque hideaway has long been a magnet for artists and writers, including Robert Graves who lived here for decades.
    Son Brull

    This luxurious eco-resort offers breathtaking mountain views, personalized service, and a Michelin-starred restaurant, all within a secluded setting. Celebrities like Rafa Nadal have been spotted here.
    Where to Eat: Michelin-starred Magic with a View
    Restaurante Jardín
    This Michelin-starred gem offers a creative tasting menu featuring fresh, local ingredients in an intimate setting with breathtaking views of the valley.
    What to Do: Soak Up the Ambiance
    Explore the winding lanes of Deia, lined with traditional stone houses and charming art galleries.
    Hike or bike through the Tramuntana Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for stunning panoramic views and a chance to commune with nature.

    Mallorca caters to those who appreciate the finer things in life, offering exclusivity, breathtaking beauty, and a touch of history, all within easy reach of other Balearic Islands for further exploration.
    If you like Kendall & Kylie’s style, here’s what to shop and pack:

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    How Wind Rises CEO’s unwavering love of the sport led him to set up a yachting community

    Emirates Man

    by Camille Macawili
    1 hour ago

    Wind Rises brings a newfound approach to exploring the city.
    Here, founder and CEO Max Pinigin shares with Emirates Man how his unwavering love of the sport led him to set up a yachting community in Dubai.
    What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?
    My morning routine typically begins around 9-10am, with a swift response to work emails followed by catching up on the latest news. Only after that do I indulge in a refreshing shower and a hearty breakfast.
    Talk us through your career journey. How did your sailing passion begin?
    My passion for sailing unexpectedly ignited during a university camping trip. One of my friends invited me to join them on a boat, and despite my lack of prior experience, I eagerly accepted the invitation. Initially bewildered by the intricacies of sailing, I soon found myself captivated by the experience. Obtaining my licence swiftly, I embraced the role of assistant captain, immersing myself in the mechanics of the vessel. The allure of sailing as a unique recreational pursuit dawned upon me, igniting a desire to share this newfound joy with others.

    Wind Rises offers a unique outdoor experience with its offerings. Tell us more about the concept.
    Delve deeper into the concept, and you’ll find our unwavering commitment to promoting sailing in Russia and beyond for over 15 years. Sailing offers a myriad of experiences, from forging new connections to unwinding amidst the serene waters, engaging in physical activity, and simply enjoying life to the fullest.
    For first timers, what does that experience look like? And does it require an extraordinary level of fitness?
    No physical skills are necessary to embark on this adventure. Regardless of your sailing expertise, all you need are gloves, comfortable footwear, and sunscreen. Our instructors will guide you through the rest, with gloves readily available at our facility.
    What are the benefits and skill set you acquire with sailing?
    Sailing fosters self-discipline and emotional resilience, essential traits for navigating through challenging situations with composure and decisiveness. Moreover, it emphasises teamwork, as every voyage is a collaborative effort where crew members collectively steer the vessel towards its destination.
    Max Pinigin, Founder and CEO of Wind Rises
    It’s the first of its kind in Dubai. How did you achieve setting the business up in such a location?
    Venturing into a new market was a daunting yet exhilarating endeavour. While contemplating locations like Istanbul and Barcelona, we ultimately set our sights on Dubai. Though the journey proved to be more arduous and resource-intensive than anticipated, the experience has been immensely rewarding. As we witness our vision taking shape and attracting diverse individuals, we revel in the journey’s progress.

    “Our mission is deeply rooted in inclusivity and accessibility. We strive to demystify yachting and sailing, making it accessible to individuals from all walks of life”

    Were there challenges in setting this up and how did you overcome it?
    Our aspirations encountered unforeseen delays during the company registration, account setup, and boat procurement stages. Additionally, the endeavour demanded a greater financial investment than initially projected.

    Sailing is perceived as a sport for the affluent and Wind Rises enables everyone an opportunity to experience it with its affordable pricing. Was this the plan from the outset?
    Our mission is deeply rooted in inclusivity and accessibility. We strive to demystify yachting and sailing, making it accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Rejecting the elitist narrative, we celebrate sailing as a vibrant community, enriching lives through shared experiences on the open water.
    Throughout your career, what has been the most remarkable sailing memory?
    Among my most cherished memories is navigating a sizable catamaran with two companions and weathering a storm in Cartagena.
    This is The Summer Escape Issue – where will you be escaping to this summer?
    This summer, my wanderlust beckons me to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Kamchatka and Japan, envisioning encounters with unparalleled natural beauty.
    Emirates Man The Summer Escape Issue – Download Now
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    Having a sick day? Here’s a guide of rom-com movies to watch


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    With the unexpected heavy rainfall, our evening plans might have taken a turn, but with a plethora of rom-com movies available at the touch of a button, there’s always something to do.
    The issue isn’t that won’t find any good romantic movies on the streaming platforms—rather you might spend too much time sifting through the huge assortment of everything from romantic dramas to romantic comedies.
    To reduce your scrolling time, we’ve collated a list of all the rom-com movies from dramatic love stories to classic ones, the list is endless.
    It’s time to settle in with one of the films from our round-up of the best rom-coms out there. Prepare to laugh and cry in equal measure. By being cute, funny or a teensy bit cheesy, these rom-coms make us catch feelings in all the best ways. And oh, the endings! When many of us want to lose ourselves in romantic movies, we reach for some rom-com movies. They’re the perfect blend of funny and heartstring-tugging; perfect for soothing a broken heart after a breakup, reminding the long-coupled how much they love love or just for a relaxing, low-stress movie night.
    They’re so well-made that some even forget about being sick as it transcends you into a completely new world of rom-com movies, allowing you to switch off for a few hours or even run a marathon as all of them are so thoughtfully directed.
    So, if you plan on switching off with just your TV and remote, Emirates Woman has curated the ultimate guide of timeless romcoms to watch as you spend the evening at home.

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    8 Pilates studios to elevate your fitness routine in Dubai

    Looking to revamp your fitness routine? Then Pilates might be the perfect option for you.
    With celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, elevating their fitness routine with reformer Pilates, it’s time for you to take up a session or two.
    This once forgotten exercise trend has made a comeback since it was first invented by Joseph Pilates a century ago. With social media been the force behind its resurgence, this popular workout channels the mind-body connection to achieve precise, controlled movements that promote alignment, balance and strength.
    Designed to improve physical strength and coordination, form long-term habits and ensure greater core strength, these workouts allow to strengthen your muscles and feel mentally fit. Pilates can help create long, lean, and defined muscles, while also helping to reduce stress, creating awareness in the body, and improving mental clarity.
    So, if you’re looking to begin on your Pilates fitness journey, we’re curated a guide of all the must-visit studios in Dubai.

    This exclusive boutique Pilates studio promises a mind, body and soul. The experience with Reformer Pilates, Cadillac, mat pilates is for all levels to tone, lengthen and strengthen the core. Led by a team of qualifies instructors, the studio boasts a calm, relaxing and inclusive environment. Located in Golden Mile, Building 4, Palm Jumeirah. It’s open daily from Monday to Thursday, 6:30am to 8:30pm, Friday 6:30am to 2:30pm, Saturday 8am to 12pm and Sunday 9am to 12pm. Prices start at Dhs1,300 for 10 classes.
    For more information visit
    Blended Wellness

    This multi-wellness destination offers a sanctuary of wellbeing with its state-of-the-art Pilates studio at Blended Fit. The well-trained instructors help guests experience jaw dropping views of Dubai’s skyline, making this an incredible space to workout and also enjoy a healthy post-workout beverage. The packages are priced at Dhs600 for a five-pack class. Located at The Dukes, The Palm Jumeirah, it’s open from Monday to Sunday, from 6am to 10pm.
    For more information visit
    Sol Pilates Studio

    This equipped Pilates studio offers everything from Reformer and pre-natal expertise to providing its guests with a vibrant haven to learn and grow. Curated for ladies only, the packages are available upon request. Sol Pilates is a fully equipped Pilates studio in the heart of Mirdif 35, street 60C.
    For more information visit
    Reform Athletica

    This boutique fitness studio caps classes at 10 to 16 people and has four signature classes: The Reform Method, TRX Athletica, RA Yoga and Kettle Form. All compliment one another and each class aims to give every person a workout that will make an impact. Inspired by the global fitness scene, the classes are 45-50 minutes long and do not distinguish between skill levels; beginners and advanced participants are all equally welcome and no prior experience is required for any class. As a cross between an intimate fitness studio and an art gallery, the space truly feels like home. A single class is priced at Dhs133 and the five class package is priced at Dhs643. Located in Villa 40, 165a, Jumeira 1, it’s open at various times during the week.
    For more information visit
    The Hundred Wellness Centre

    With a team of certified instructors who use a combination of mat work reformer Pilates and other equipment, customers can achieve their fitness goals in no time. The Pilates method is at the core with intimate mat classes, equipment classes, the Cadillac (Trapeze table), poles, reformers and Pilates chairs. With both ladies-only and private one-to-one sessions, instructors ensure the core which is your powerhouse can be used to move the body weight with the spring-loaded carriage. A single session, group Pilates class is priced at Dhs140, and a package of 5 sessions valid for 2 months is priced at Dhs650, additionally a private session is priced at Dhs400. Located in Villa21, 53b Street, Jumeirah 1, it’s open from 7am to 8pm.
    For more information visit
    Yoga La Vie

    Based on the Joseph Pilates method, customers can strengthen their core, increase their flexibility with specialised instructors and feel at ease with each class. Located on Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah, the studio also offers barre and yoga classes for both men and women, starting from Dhs126, Dhs1,134 for ten classes package, and your first trial class is free.
    For more information visit

    This boutique fitness studio offers 50-minute Pilates Reformer sessions available for people of all ages and fitness levels. As a holistic fitness get-away, the intimates space combines traditional contemporary exercises and focuses on building a strong core, ensuring each customer feels strong, stretched and connected. This eco-friendly concept has Pilates reformer classes with level 1 and level 2, with 1 group class priced at Dhs140, and the five class package priced at Dhs400, while the private reformer Pilates is priced at Dhs420.
    For more information visit
    Yasmin Karachiwala’s Pilates & Dance Studio (The PAD)

    With a variety of Pilates classes offered, everyone can choose from The Reformer, Wundu, The Cadillac, The Bodhi, Aerial Pilates, The MOTR, Pilates for back pain, for cricketers and. more.Pilates can also be done on the mat, with or without small equipments. The package prices are available upon request. Situated in 906, Onyx Tower 1,906, The Greens, the studio is open from Monday to Thursday 7am to 9pm, Friday 7am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm.
    For more information visit
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    Wireless Festival 2024 lineup: SZA, 21 Savage, and more


    by Ruman Baig
    1 hour ago

    Calling all music lovers in the UAE! Wireless Festival Middle East is returning for its second year on November 23rd,2024, promising an even bigger and better show than its sold-out debut in 2023.
    Headliners and Diverse Performances
    This year’s festival boasts a stellar lineup featuring a mix of international and regional stars. Here are some of the headliners:

    A rising star in contemporary R&B, known for her poetic lyrics and soulful voice. This will be her first-ever performance in the Middle East.
    21 Savage

    The popular Atlanta rapper will be making his debut in the region, bringing his unique blend of trap and drill music.

    This enigmatic artist has quickly become a fan favorite with his low-fi melodies and catchy lyrics. Expect his first show ever in the Middle East.
    Karan Aujla

    The award-winning Indian singer, rapper, and songwriter known for his mastery of Punjabi music will be gracing the stage.
    Beyond the headliners, the festival promises a diverse range of artists catering to various musical tastes. These include:
    Fridayy: The Haitian-American singer-songwriter known for his collaborations with big names like Lil Baby and Chris Brown.Flo Milli: The American rapper who rose to fame with viral hits like “Beef FloMix” and “In the Party.”Raf Saperra: A grime and road rap artist known for his unique fusion of British and Punjabi influences.Faris Shafi: The renowned Pakistani rapper and songwriter.Dina Ayada: The singer behind the popular song “Hummer.”Mazen: The Egyptian-American rapper, producer, and songwriter.Lancey Foux: The British rapper known for his expressive lyrics.Seedhe Maut: The energetic hip-hop duo from New Delhi, India.Stick No Bills: A UAE-based collective bringing a local touch with their blend of South Asian and global sounds.
    Ticket Details and Early Bird Offer
    Mark your calendars for November 23rd and get ready to grab your tickets! Here’s the breakdown:– Early bird pre-sale: Starts June 12th at 12 PM GST.– General sale: Starts June 13th at 12 PM GST.– Early bird prices: General entry – AED 295, Golden circle – AED 795 (available until July 1st).– Where to buy:
    Win a Trip to the UK Edition
    An additional perk for early birds: those who purchase tickets before July 20th will be entered into a draw to win a trip for two to the UK edition of the Wireless Festival.
    Don’t Miss Out
    Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or simply looking for an unforgettable experience, Wireless Festival Middle East 2024 promises an electrifying day filled with incredible music, diverse performances, and a chance to witness some of the biggest names in the industry.
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