The Best Makeup for Dry, Winter Skin

There comes a few times of the year when I, a makeup-obsessed beauty writer, dread putting on makeup, and it’s always the first few weeks of winter. The air is dry, our skin is suffering, and the motivation to put something on that will inevitably suck the life out of my already distressed skin is lacking. But this year, I have these eight tricks up my sleeve to tackle those times: 

1. Glowy Foundation

A really fresh base is the start of a solid makeup routine, especially if you have dry skin. Opt for a foundation with a glowy finish. It won’t get stuck on dry patches or make your skin feel tight after you’ve been wearing it a long time. Plus, it might even help hydrate your skin!

2. Creamy Concealer

In the same vein as a glowy foundation, choose a creamy concealer that blends effortlessly. These will usually have a satin/glowy finish, which makes a radiant foundation perfectly or is gorgeous worn on its own.

3. Light Powder

If you can’t get away without powdering your face for long days, there are powders on the market specifically made for dry skin types. These usually have a very light, finely-milled texture and might have pearls or a glowy finish. When used lightly all over the face or just pinpointed underneath the eyes, your makeup will stay in place without getting cakey and settling into any lines.

4. Cream Blush

To keep the glowy look on your cheeks, a cream blush is a great addition. Not only does this blend seamlessly into foundation and other base products, but a little blush will make your winter skin look alive and bright—even when you feel the opposite. 

5. Blendable Bronzer

If you want to use a cream bronzer, that’s great, but if you like the look of a powder one, just make sure you’re using something with a blendable formula. A bronzer that sticks to dry skin or applies in patches all over the face is a no-go, but these three blend easily with a brush over powder and liquid products. 

6. Liquid Highlighter

Highlighter is a secret weapon in the makeup drawers of those with dry skin. Even when your skin feels like a desert, highlighter makes you look like a glowing, golden goddess. A liquid formula will blend into your other products and will look as natural as possible—while still looking blinding, of course. 

7. Face Mist

Refresh your makeup throughout the day with a glowy mist. These help turn a dehydrated, matte face into a revitalized makeup look in just one step. Don’t look to these to keep your makeup on all day though; instead, these keep your skin looking moisturized. Mist as often as you need to keep your skin from getting that “blah” end-of-the-day feeling.

8. Lip Gloss

When your lips need some seriously help after the weather turns freezing, go for a lip gloss instead of lipstick. Not only is gloss seriously trending, it’s ultra-hydrating and never settles into lines or emphasizes chapped lips. If you really want to hydrate your lips, opt for a creamy formula without any glitters. However, shimmery glosses really plump up your lips too.



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