This Dubai-based yoga teacher is doing virtual classes amid coronavirus shutdown

As the knock-on effect of coronavirus continue to rear its ugly head, more shutdowns are taking place in the United Arab Emirates, as well as globally.

All Dubai-based gyms, spas and parks have been shut down for the next two weeks along with all entertainment destinations, hospitality establishments and wedding halls.

While it may be tempting to use this as the ultimate excuse to not work out, if you’re going to be working from home during this time, keeping yourself active will be key not only for your physical health, but mental health too.

Jivamukti with Dina

Amidst the gym shutdown, Dubai-based yoga teacher Dina Ghandour said she will be holding “virtual video classes” via Facebook. Dina teaches a form of yoga called Jivamukti at various locations around Dubai, but for the next two weeks will be on social media leading workouts.

The yoga teacher held her first live class on Monday 16 March, but if you didn’t manage to catch it in the moment you can follow along anytime after, just head to Dina’s Facebook page.


She’s not alone in her efforts to keep people active, Dubai-based gym UNDERDOGBOXN has also launched their #HustleAtHome initiative for the next two weeks.

The workouts are to be streamed live on their Instagram page, but if you can’t join in live the workouts will be available for 24 hours on their stories.

Even better, there’s no equipment required and if there is the team “will utilise things that you already have at home”.


CRANK Dubai has announced they will be releasing a series of at home ‘SHAPE & STRETCH’ classes over the next few weeks during the gym shutdown period.

Just yesterday they released a ‘SHAPE Legs and Core’ video, which will definitely get you sweating at home.

Fitness First Middle East

The folks over at Fitness First Middle East have also got you covered for at-home workouts.

Taking to Instagram, the gym chain is continuing to encourage their clients to put their “health first”.

They shared a series of exercises people can do to “stay active while you’re at home”.

If all else fails, YouTube could become your best friend for workouts. There’s thousands of fitness instructors who upload various different workouts on the platform regularly.

Here’s to putting our health first!

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