Watch as legendary nineties band perform live for the first time in 12 years – after gig so bad fans tried to sued them

NINETIES music fans have been left reaching for their air guitars after a legendary band from the decade returned to the stage.

The group’s comeback came after 12 years and it was particularly notable as a group of fans had previously tried to sue them for a bad gig.

Nineties band Creed have performed for the first time in 12 yearsCredit: X/@consequence
The rock group took to the stage onboard a cruise shipCredit: X/@consequence
Music fans enjoyed the show as they sailed to the BahamasCredit: X/@consequence

Creed made their return onboard a cruise ship in the Bahamas as they headlined at the Summer Of ’99 festival.

Band members Brian Marshall, Scott Phillips, Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti were captured on camera as they entertained passengers.

The clip was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, with the caption: “Creed performing live for the first time in 12 years aboard the Summer of ’99 cruise!”

Creed had formed in the early 90s before releasing their debut album My Own Prison in 1997.


Over the next six years, the alternative rock band achieved huge commercial success and even won a Grammy Award and four American Music Awards.

But in 2022, Creed hit the headlines following a controversial concert.

The band performed at Allstate Arena in Illinois, US, and fans were left serious unimpressed.

Four music lovers even attempted to sue for $2million (£1.6million) after accusing singer Scott of appearing too intoxicated to perform.

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Scott allegedly forgot his lyrics and repeatedly fell over on stage before disappearing for 10 minutes.

He denied the accusations, although so many people complained that Creed’s management released an apology.

It read: “We apologise if you don’t feel that the show was up to the very high standards set by our previous shows in Chicago. 

“We also understand and appreciate the fact that there has been much concern about Scott’s health and we want to assure everyone that he is doing very well and is taking a much needed break at home in Orlando after a very long and rigorous touring year.

“For now we hope that you can take some solace in the fact that you definitely experienced the most unique of all Creed shows and may have become part of the unusual world of rock ‘n’ roll history!”

Music publication Billboard later reported that a judge in Chicago had thrown out the fans’ lawsuit.

Creed enjoyed commercial success from 1997 to 2003Credit: Getty
But fans tried to sue the group following a shambolic gigCredit: Getty
A judge threw out the lawsuit following allegations of lead singer Scott being intoxicatedCredit: Getty



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