Coleen Nolan reveals jaw dropping figure she’s spent on fags as she finally goes smoke free 

SINGER turned TV personality Coleen Nolan has revealed she’s blown half a million quid on fags.

The Loose Women regular, 59, has told how her forty year habit of up to thirty cigarettes  a day saw her burn through £14,000 a year.

Coleen Nolan has called on 5.3 million Brit to stop smokingCredit: NHS England

Now smoke free for 12 weeks, Coleen told The Sun of the massive annual sum: “I could have taken all my family on a first class holiday or bought a car.”

Speaking in support of National No Smoking Day, Coleen continued: “Back in the day when I started it was classed as really cool but not, it’s actually really antisocial, especially in this economy.”

“They are a fortune now. Basically you may as well take that £20 a day or whatever it is and just set fire to it, as that is effectively what you are doing and killing yourself at the same time.

“During Covid I tried to stop and I got an app that tells you each day how much money you have saved by not smoking and then it gives you a yearly amount.

“At that point it was about £14,000 a year… and they have gone up massively since then.

“I swear to God I sat there and I thought I could have taken my whole family on a fantastic first class holiday for that. Or bought a car. It’s ridiculous.

“Since then it’s gone up by two or three pounds a pack since then so it’s probably about £18,000 a year.”

Coleen regularly chain smoked while in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2017, but is now calling on the 5.3 million Brits who still smoke to join her in calling it quits.

Coleen said: “The damage I have done over the years probably won’t repair now at my age but I can stop it getting worse and if that gives me extra years then I need to do it for my family mainly but also for me.

“I want to be around for as long as I can be.

“Stopping at any age can stop it getting worse. I am feeling the benefits already just by the fact I can breathe. I am sleeping better as well. I’m proud of myself but it’s not easy.”

Coleen Nolan has finally quit smoking after 40 yearsCredit: Rex
Coleen Nolan says she is determined to halt the damage to her lungsCredit: Rex



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