Beyonce steals Super Bowl spotlight by abruptly dropping two singles and announcing new album after Halftime Show

BEYONCE has shocked fans by announcing a brand new album in the middle of a Super Bowl.

The singer dropped two singles from the upcoming country-leaning LP.

Beyonce announced a new album, out March 29, and dropped two singles, during the Super BowlCredit: Columbia Records
Beyonce bared it all for the cover of her new single, Texas Hold ‘Em, which she released with 16 CarriagesCredit: Columbia Records

Beyonce, 42, dropped the news minutes after Usher performed at the Halftime Show.

“TEXAS HOLD ‘EM and 16 CARRIAGES out now,” she captioned her Instagram post.

In it, the hitmaker wore a black jacket and black hat with just a heart, hanging from a belt covering her front and a shiny bra covering her boobs.

The second photo for 16 Carriages was more tame and had a short-haired Beyonce wearing a cowboy hat and a button-down shirt.

The two songs are available on YouTube and Tidal now, and Texas Hold ‘Em is also on Spotify.

Beyonce announced the album in a Super Bowl commercial.

She sampled a portion of Texas Hold ‘Em in the commercial as she announced Renaissance act 2 would be out on March 29.

“OK, they ready — drop the new music. I told y’all the Renaissance is not over,” the singer said, after scrolling through songs on her iPhone.

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Beyonce released part one of Renaissance in July 2022.

At that time, she announced that the album would be a first of a “three-act project.”

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Beyonce fans were shocked that the Grammy Award winner’s news.

While most fans were happy with the new release, some thought she upstaged Usher.

“Girl it’s Usher day … you could’ve waited till tomorrow,” one user said.

“Right?” agreed another, while one person shared, “Facts.”

The R&B singer was in the crowd with her husband, Jay-Z, to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers compete for the title.


Usher nearly fell during his Halftime performance while performed many of his popular hits.

Halfway through his star-studded performance, Usher brought out Will.I.Am to sing their collaboration, OMG.

Usher rolled out in a sparkly blue suit and roller skates – along with his backup dancers.

However, nearing the end of the song, he rolled between Will.I.Am’s legs and seemingly caught himself before falling to the ground.

Usher brushed off the almost-blunder, twirled around on his skates, and continued on with his performance.


“Usher almost fell and took them skates off fast lol,” one viewer reacted at the time.

“It looked like Usher almost fell while on skates at one point but he bit his balance,” a second added.

Renaissance act II will be out on March 29, which Beyonce announced during a Super Bowl adCredit: Getty
The Grammy Award winner released Renaissance in July 2022, which sparked a concert filmCredit: Getty
Beyonce was in the crowd for the Super Bowl with her husband, Jay-Z, and her daughters, Blue Ivy and Rumo, a week after they attended the Grammy’s togetherCredit: Getty



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