‘Best commercial ever!’ fans claim as Ben Affleck, JLo & Matt Damon’s Super Bowl ad for Dunkin leaves them in stitches

SUPER Bowl fans are going crazy over a Dunkin Donuts ad featuring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

The longtime pals were joined by Ben’s wife Jennifer Lopez in the clip, which saw the pop icon judging Ben’s talents.

Ben Affleck has made fans crack up in a new Super Bowl commercial, which they deemed the funniest everCredit: Dunkin Donuts
The actor busted into Jennifer Lopez’s recording studio in head to toe Dunkin Donuts gear with Matt Damon and Tom BradyCredit: Dunkin Donuts

In the commercial, Ben, 51, breaks into Jennifer’s recording studio in head to toe Dunkin Donuts gear as the Bostonian leader of a new boyband.

“What up, Bronx?” he yells as he walks in.

“For your consideration, here comes the Boston massacre.”

The actor was clad in orange and pink with the word “DunKings” across his chest.

Ben then continued to perform a breakdance with Matt, 53, and retired NFL hero Tom Brady was revealed to be the DJ behind the decks.

Fat Joe even made an appearance, and gave JLo feedback over her shoulder as she watched the performance.

When the dance was over, Matt – looking mortified – asked Jennifer, 54, “How do you like them donuts?” but immediately apologized for the cheesy line.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

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Matt was giving a nod to his famous “How do you like them apples?” line from his 1998 critically acclaimed movie Good Will Hunting, which he wrote and starred in with Ben.

Jen, clearly embarrassed, sat there in silence with her mouth open and eventually said, “We talked about this.”

JLo is having ‘marriage issues’ with Ben Affleck, fans suspect as they spot ‘clue’ in video of her twerking

“You had to see it, but I forgive you,” Ben said, giving Jennifer a kiss.

But, JLo was impressed with Super Bowl icon Tom, 46, telling him “you can stay.”


As soon as the commercial aired, viewers flocked to X, formerly Twitter, to express their approval.

“LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!” one fan wrote.

“Funniest one so far imo,” said another.

“I laughed so hard. Why Ben why?” asked a third.

“Ok. This one’s good,” said one fan.

“I know I’m biased, but @dunkindonuts you just won the commercial! Wicked funny,” one fan wrote.

“This is my favorite so far,” another fan said.


Ben and Jennifer were Hollywood’s It Couple in the early 2000s.

They got engaged, but quickly split up after.

They both married different people and had children with them.

However, the actors divorced their respective spouses and met up again years later.


“Bennifer,” as fans called them, finally got married in 2022.

And now the couple brought their relationship to the Super Bowl with their latest ad.

Fans dubbed the commercial the best ever and said it was wickedly funnyCredit: Dunkin Donuts
Retired NFL star made a brief cameo in the commercial, and JLo told him to stay after telling everyone else to get outCredit: Dunkin Donuts
Matt Damon apologized to Jennifer after he asked her, how do you like them donuts?Credit: Dunkin Donuts



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