Kylie Jenner puts her shrinking butt on full display in Khy puffer jacket that fans say ‘copies’ Kanye West’s Yeezy line

KYLIE Jenner has put her shrinking butt on full display as she flaunted her brand, Khy.

Kylie, 26, announced the brand on October 24 with the first launch being all leather products.

Kylie Jenner has flaunted her shrinking backside in a new photoCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Posted on Instagram, Kylie modeled a puffer jacket that is included in drop two of her newest fashion brand, KhyCredit: Instagram/ kyliejenner

Throughout the week, the Hulu personality has been promoting Khy’s second launch of puffer jackets and base layers.

On Wednesday, Kylie shared a carousel of photos on Instagram of the white, blue, and black pieces.

While the mom of two’s post primarily showed off the new puffer products, the reality star was seen posing in two skintight pantsuits, one in white and the other in blue.

In another snapshot, the make-up mogul’s back was facing the camera and fans got a glimpse of her shrinking backside.

With her black hair tied up in a loose bun, Kylie wore a white puffer jacket on top that synched her waist and was more loose-fitting in the arms with the white pantsuit underneath.

Kylie revealed that fans would be able to purchase the items starting on November 15.

However, fans have found some major similarities to her ex-family member, Kanye West, 46.


In 2021, the Flashing Lights rapper collaborated with Gap on a line of coats that looked very similar to Kylie’s.

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In a popular online forum, one critic said: “Is this not just Yeezy?”

“So many brands like this…Yeezy, dingyung, entire studios. It’s a trend that she’s hopping on,” a second person wrote.

A third hater commented: “Giving yeezy.”

“Oh come on, this is just low-budget Yeezy and Dingyung. Is her brand’s personality gonna be based on passing viral trends and other brands signature silhouettes?” someone else asked.

Another person replied: “This whole family has spent the last decade just teet-leaching off old Yeezy aesthetics. It’s embarrassing.”


Meanwhile, Kylie continued to promote her new products by trying them to show fans.

However, in a video posted on Tuesday, a few eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted something underneath her blue pantsuit.

A user created a thread online and named it: “Hip padding? On the lower side of the leg is where it’s looming off?”

They attached a photo of Kylie mid-way through trying on a coat and suggested that there was a dip on her thigh, under her hip.

“Hip padding for the wealthy/delusional = sculptra,” one person commented.

“Why is there so much SURFACE AREA around her pelvis??? My brain can’t compute this s**t,” another said.

A third commenter replied to this and said: “Someone pointed out, thigh gap and skinny after ozempic, but has long a** bbl, so the ratio is off.”

“Why do these people think diaper butts are attractive with their small bodies,” someone else wrote.

“They have listened to their surgeons for so long they have diaper brain.”

“I think it is her underwear. The leotard is stretched so tightly over her diaper it is showing,” one critic theorized.


Aside from Kylie’s professional life, in her personal life, she was recently spotted with her boyfriend, Timothee Chalamet, at a lavish awards ceremony in New York City last week.

The couple attended the 2023 Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards – but didn’t walk the carpet together.

The Kardashians star strutted her stuff on the carpet while posing for photographers wearing a stunning brown attire.

Meanwhile, Timothee walked the carpet solo looking dapper than ever in an all-black suit.

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The Wonka actor also posed with iconic Hollywood director, Martin Scorsese.

However, the two lovebirds did sit together and seemed very happy – despite the breakup rumors.

In the snap, she showed off her shrinking butt in a white pantsuit underneath the jacketCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Kylie announced her brand Khy back in OctoberCredit: Instagram – KHY



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