Ashley Cain hits back at cruel trolls in furious rant after being branded ‘a narcissist’

ASHLEY Cain has hit back at cruel trolls in a furious rant after his ex Safiyaa Vorajee shared shocking details of their split.

Safiyya, 36, broke her silence in an interview with The Sun after learning Ashley was expecting a baby with another woman.

Ashley Cain has hit back at cruel trolls in a furious rantCredit: Instagram
His daughter Azaylia died after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia and tumours on her lungs, stomach and kidneysCredit: Social Media

And she told of her heartache as she revealed he had asked her to have another baby, following their split and the death of their little girl Azaylia from leukaemia in 2021.

The star said she had believed they would one day get back together.

Following her bombshell revelations Ashley, 33, said “recollections may vary” and that he was committed to continuing to work with Safiyya to lead The Azaylia Foundation.

Yesterday, he took to Instagram again after coming under fire from nasty trolls and being bombarded with negative messages.

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The Real Full Monty star said, “To the people in my comments: The people who scream and shout ‘narcissist’ the loudest are usually the narcissists themselves. Just sayin’

“I guess that makes me a gaslighter now too..

“People who don’t know you speculate so much about your life from negative, bitter and vindictive places fuelled by that much hate they start to believe the shit they make up.

“Truth is: 1 just leave people alone, live my life and let other people live theirs, don’t judge and always look inwards when I have problems.

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“I dont project my issues on to anyone else and I don’t point the finger at others for my downfalls. I just work really f*cking hard on changing my outcomes myself so I can help others change theirs!

“Ps.. I have never flipped a coin 12 times and it has landed on the same side every single time. Usually, it’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other

“Ps 2.. I’ve been writing and speaking motivational quotes for years… Now, all of a sudden they’re about someone? Get out of here! You know a type of person by their response to sh*t.

“If you read motivational quotes and are inspired, you’re someone who’s accountable, motivated and looking to be better.

“If you’re someone who reads motivational quotes and feels offended yourself or for someone else – You’re probably a d*ckhead. Anyway, back to trying to live ‘MY’ life.”

In June, Safiyya moved out of Ashley’s aunt’s house and bought her own home, believing the space would help following their split.

He later told her that he was due to be a dad again and the woman was pregnant with a baby boy, though he wasn’t in a relationship with her.

Breaking down in tears, Safiyaa told The Sun: “That’s the heartbreaking thing about it.

“Even when he told me, I put him first so he didn’t feel guilty for telling me. Inside I was screaming and crying.”

She also had to keep her dignity when the news broke online, with footage of Ashley talking about his new child.

Safiyya said: “I was preparing to present an award, sitting on a table with Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock and sprinter Linford Christie.

“Somebody said there was footage of him online. I had no idea that was going to happen that day. I messaged him saying, ‘I’m just about to present an award. Like, seriously?’ He didn’t respond.”

Their baby daughter Azaylia was just eight weeks old when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia and tumours on her lungs, stomach and kidneys.

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Former Coventry City winger Ashley and Safiyya, founders of The Azaylia Foundation, raised more than £1.5million to fund her specialist treatment.

She was given several rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital but died at eight months.

Safiyya said Ashley having a baby with another woman has left her shattered and embarrassedCredit: Dan Charity
Azaylia was just eight months old when she died of leukemia



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