Kirstie Allsopp reveals brilliant storage hack for keeping clothes clean and mark-free

Location, Location, Location host Kirstie Allsopp is certainly a whizz at all things to do with the home.

When she’s not expertly helping buyers through a property purchase, she’s upcycling quality pieces of furniture, or sharing advice on how to take care of our humble abodes.

And now, Kirstie has shared with her Twitter followers a brilliant idea for clothes storage – and we can’t believe we haven’t been doing this already!

Over on her social media, the popular TV host asked whether her followers ever hang their clothes inside out in their wardrobes, writing, ‘Quick Question – Does anyone hang clothes in their wardrobe inside out to prevent dust/marks? Is this a thing?’

Her fans quickly shared their thoughts, with many confessing that it’s something they’ve been doing for years, and is a super-handy hack.

One said, ‘Yes, I do that, and also hang then on the line inside out to prevent marks from the line,’ as another agreed, ‘I do – definitely helps to keep garments clean’.

And a third commented, ‘Yes all my clothes are hung inside out in the wardrobe. Mainly because all my clothes are washed inside out and also ironed inside out.’

Others hadn’t employed the trick themselves before, but appeared convinced after Kirstie shared the information. One follower wrote, ‘Nope. But it’s actually a good idea when I think about it’.

Some more of Kirstie’s 407,000 followers shared their own handy tips for keeping clothes in tip-top shape while in the wardrobe. One said, ‘Really good (expensive) and not often worn clothes have an old shirt hung over them to keep them dust free.’

Kirstie Allsopp herself however later went on to clarify that she actually doesn’t hang her clothes inside out herself, but that her colleague on give her the idea.

She wrote, ‘Thank you so much for the brilliant selection of funny & serious replies to my inside out clothes question, they made my day. Julie, our Love it or List it contributor who does do this, now knows she is not the only. (it wld keep me awake at night tbh) 😘’.

So would you give it a try? Or would the idea of inside-out clothes bother you too much?



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