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    Finally, Contraception Delivery Services Are In South Africa

    We’ve come a long way. COVID – thankfully – forced pharmacies and businesses to jack up their service and offer delivery of much-needed medication. A relief, since most of us are so busy we can barely make time for the grocery store, let alone stand in a queue for what feels like a year. And then there’s all the questions that come with picking up a simple prescription.
    Now, contraception delivery services are in full swing and there are a few options to choose from. Medical aids can even cover the cost of the medication, and delivery is discreet and in some cases, comes with a few goodies. Here, the cool-as-hell services we’ve come across in sunny South Africa.

    Compatible with medical aid (or without) choose a subscription and every month, you’ll get your contraception delivered. Contro also offers treatment for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, STIs, thrush and UTIs.
    How it works
    First, sign up and fill in a health questionnaire, get a digital doctor’s consultation, then get free delivery. Contraception offered is over 30 kinds of the contraceptive pill.
    How much?
    Pay R150 per month with medical aid, or between R240-R400 per month without. Check them out here.
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    MyContraceptive by Zoie Health
    Zoie Health is an all-inclusive digital healthcare app, with virtual doctor’s consultations for everything from endometriosis to lactation consults to psychologist sessions. Their contraception delivery service, MyContraceptive, offers monthly delivery for your chosen contraceptive.
    How it works
    Book a consultation from the app (or website) with a medical professional, who’ll help pick the right contraception for you. Then it’ll be delivered monthly – with a few other goodies. You’ll also get access to the Zoie Health online community of women and healthcare professionals who swap tips around birth control, periods and everything in between. MyContraceptive offers the contraceptive pill, The Patch, The Ring and emergency contraception.
    How much?
    Pick from a consultation only (from R250 or medical aids may cover), consultation and delivery (from R150) and delivery only (from R150). Find out more here.
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    Pill Squad
    Simply get your existing prescription delivered to your door.
    How it works
    Send them your existing contraception prescription – emergency contraception not serviced, complete the payment (if medical aid covers, then you’ll need to submit those details) and await your delivery!
    How much?
    If you’re on medical aid, this service will be paid for. Otherwise, you’ll have a copayment or can pay using cash or card. Find out more here.
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    Get My Pill
    Get My Pill offers prescriptions for The Patch, The Injection and contraceptive pills. Delivery is free. For the injection, you’ll need to visit a clinic to have it administered – delivery not available.
    How it works
    Complete a medical survey and a script will be sent to you. Or, purchase the delivery option and your prescription will be sent to Get My Pill’s delivery partners, Clicks Direct Medicine.
    How much?
    Prescriptions cost R200 for 3 months ( More

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    4 Common Injuries You Can Get During Sex That You’ll Only Notice Later

    One more reason to love sex and orgasms: they mask pain, thanks to the endorphins. The downside? You might not notice a sensation that would normally hurt. To minimise sex injuries, we’ve come up with a few common nooky accidents and  how to get off without getting wounded.
    Sex Injury #1: Bruises
    Overly enthusiastic thrusting, groping, kissing or sucking can result in an unwelcome shiner or the dreaded hickey.
    The fixer
    Apply ice to the area, says family practitioner Dr Tamlyn McKeag. “Always cover the ice in a clean cotton cloth. Apply immediately, then for 20 minutes three times a day for the next two days.”
    And next time…
    If your skinny guy’s pelvic bone juts into you, place a folded fleece scarf at the point of impact (use it later around his wrists). And if he attacks your neck like Robert Pattinson in Twilight, break out the garlic and run.
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    Eina #2: Overextended Muscle
    You contorted Cirque du Soleil style last night; now you feel like you scaled Kilimanjaro.
    The fixer
    Rest and stretch out your tender muscles a couple of times a day over the next few days. A heat pack and topical anti-inflammatory such as arnica oil will help, says McKeag. If you’re still lame after 24 hours, see a doctor to rule out a torn muscle.
    And next time…
    Keep supple with this full-body stretch four times a week: sitting on the floor, put the soles of your feet flat together and push your knees into the floor. Start with your back up straight, then stretch your hands along the floor as far as they will go. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds.
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    Eina #3: Carpet Burn
    Also beware of wooden floors, sheets and the back seat of his Jetta.
    The fixer
    Clean with soap and warm water, air-dry and apply an antiseptic ointment such as Germolene. Then cover with a non-stick bandage, says McKeag. Change it daily, and remove it once a scab forms.
    And next time
    Switch to high-thread-count sheets. Higher equals softer. Or toss a cushy blanket over any surface you tumble on. Avoid terry cloth or scratchy wool.
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    Eina #4: Vaginal Irritation
    It happens when you aren’t lubricated enough, you have a bad reaction to a lube or a vibrator, or he didn’t wash his hands well enough after slicing a chilli!
    The fixer
    Thanks to its cell-shedding and natural cleansing acids, your vagina is self-healing. Avoid inserting anything (his penis, tampons or vibrators) for 48 hours – the time it takes to mend. McKeag suggests you soothe discomfort with a warm water bath (no soap – and not in Cape Town, guys!) twice a day; you can add coarse salt. Wear only cotton underwear for the next few days.
    And next time…
    Demand generous foreplay: it takes 30 seconds to several minutes once you’re aroused before you naturally lubricate. Test a new lube on your inner labia and wait a few hours for a reaction before a full-on slather. If chillis are involved, vigorous hand-washing is in order! Avoid jelly rubber toys containing phthalates, as these chemicals irritate tender tissue.
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    What To Do When You Start Catching Feelings In A Situationship (Oh, oh)

    “Yes to lots of safe sex, definitely no sleepovers, no calling each other on our birthdays, no unnecessary check-ins unless it’s to set up a booty call and most importantly, no acting up when you see me with someone else.” So go the rules of many situationships, often declared at the very beginning to prevent either party from falling in love with the other.
    If you’ve been living under a rock (for some reason), a situationship is a half-baked ‘relationship’ that is neither official or unconfirmed. Most importantly, it’s meant to be uncomplicated. But when have feelings ever respected boundaries?
    Sex with no strings attached can be fun, but can also get complicated really fast. If you happen to wake up pining for your f*** buddy (not in that lust, but the ‘I just want to hear your voice sense’) it could mean that your feelings have gone and crossed the boundary line — without first consulting you nodal! First and foremost, don’t beat yourself up for developing feelings: Women are biologically wired to feel attached to their sexual partners, so it’s not only common, it’s natural.
    Women release oxytocin, a bonding hormone, when they have sex (and particularly when they orgasm), so in many cases, it’s hard not to feel at least a little attached. And of course, the more you spend any kind of physical time with someone, the more you’re likely to learn about them and get to know them on a more personal level. So, yeah… chances are, if you’re regularly having casual sex with the same person, you’re going to start to feel the feels.
    By now, we’ve all established that relationships are complex AF. WH advisor and therapist Dr Chloe tackles your most confusing issues and burning Qs.
    Makes sense. So I shouldn’t worry that my casual-sex thing doesn’t feel that casual?
    “Let’s not pretend this isn’t an issue — clearly, you’re here for a reason, and my guess is that the reason is you think this person doesn’t have those same feelings for you and you’re not sure how to proceed. Perhaps you went into this thing with a mutual understanding that the sex wouldn’t progress into a relationship and your feelings honestly took you by surprise.
    But it could also be the case that, on some deeper level, you sought out a casual-sex situation because you thought it’d be emotionally safer to stick to an arrangement where they can’t reject you. If you’re not ‘putting yourself out there’ in that vulnerable way, you can’t get hurt, right? I know the thinking.
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    Here’s the truth, though: If you frequently (if not always) find yourself developing feelings for someone you’re having casual sex with, I urge you to consider if a non-relationship is really what you want. If you think casual sex is a way of guaranteeing you won’t be disappointed by a partner because you’re not even putting the idea of a relationship on the table, you’re actually encouraging self-denial, not self-awareness (which as a maturing adult, isn’t the way to go!).
    It’s kind of like overtraining at the gym and then popping a bunch of painkillers to remove the soreness: You might not feel the pain anymore, but the muscle damage is still there. Similarly, having sex with someone you like but who doesn’t cherish you is painful, whether you act like you care or not (by continuing to sleep with them with no strings attached).
    If that’s you — if you’ve never really been able to separate sex from emotions — casual sex might not be the healthiest thing for you. Try limiting yourself to having sex with people who reciprocate a desire for a relationship and emotional intimacy. Even though there’s no way of guaranteeing that a long-term relationship will come out of it, at least you’re not setting yourself up to be heartbroken and disappointed from the get-go.”
    Uuuhhhmmm, Dr Chloe… but that doesn’t help me now.
    “What to do in your current situation? The answer is simple: Be honest. You have absolutely nothing to gain by keeping your feelings to yourself or pretending that they aren’t there. In most cases, feelings only grow with time, so you’re doing yourself no favours by getting in deeper with someone who doesn’t want what you want.
    So tell them. Yes, I know it’s scary, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind you’ll gain after! Try saying: ‘I thought you should know that I’ve started to like you-like you. I think I need to step back, because when I got into this, I didn’t plan for these feelings.’
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    This approach lets them know how you feel but doesn’t put any pressure on them to reciprocate — which you only want them to do if they truly feel the same way as you do. You don’t want a potential partner to stick around just so they can keep their Nice Guy (or Nice Girl) card, so let them know that you’ve decided to walk away without expressing any negativity toward them. That way, if they come back and tell you they want more, you know it’s because they actually want more.
    Now, if they don’t end up coming around with their own declaration of feelings or desire for a relationship on their own time, know this: You just did yourself a solid. The relationship you’re imagining in your head is with a relationship-oriented person who feels a certain way about you, too. And if that’s not them — they only want casual sex, or they just don’t see you in particular as something more than that — then you can accept the reality and let go. It’s much, much easier to move on from someone who isn’t what you want than someone who is.
    Got it. Is there any way to rein my feelings in in the future?
    Of course! If you do decide to enter into another casual-sex shindig because that’s what you really, truly, deeply want, try the following to minimise the chances of getting in too deep:

    Avoid sharing or learning deep personal stories (about your family, hobbies, childhood, etc.), which forms strong connections.
    Avoid frequent or daily texting — only talk for purposes of meeting up for your rendezvous — because frequency and duration of contact is how humans build trust and grow closer.
    Avoid replaying encounters in your mind, which makes your brain grow fonder of them.

    Space out encounters or keep them to long-distance situations. Seeing someone often (and sleeping with them) pumps out all kinds of chemical hormones that can make you feel “addicted” to them.
    At the end of the day, casual sex without attachment is possible, but it’s tricky. As long as you stay true to yourself and your heart along the way, you’ll be just fine. I promise.
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    How To Handle Your Crush On A Colleague In A Professional Manner

    If only life was like the set of the Netflix series The Bold Type. A magazine fashion assistant falls in love with the company’s in-house attorney. After fooling around for months, anxious that they’d get caught, the pair decide to go public with their relationship. Except, Sutton the assistant is worried that she’ll be branded ‘The girl who slept her way to the top’. Both move on, but still wondering what would’ve been had they given their office romance a shot in a normal setting.
    Unfortunately, life is no reenaction of a TV story line. When it comes to shooting your shot in a real-life office setting, telling your colleague you’re ‘feeling them’ and then promptly diving into their mouth tongue-first isn’t the best idea… especially since you’re going to see them every day, whether or not things work out the way you fantasized at your desk.
    Playing it subtly is key when water cooler conversations turn flirtatious, says Dr Jane Greer, a relationship expert and author of What About Me?.
    Here’s how to handle crushing on a colleague:
    1. Check in on company policy.
    Dust off that employee handbook and learn whether or not relationships between employees are even allowed, Greer says.
    “It’s totally fine to have a crush on a coworker, but it’s all about how you handle it,” she explains. Before you offer up your heart and soul, know whether doing so could put your career in jeopardy. If it can, you might want to try some dating apps instead.
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    2. If you choose to proceed in secrecy, know the risks.
    “Sometimes you can’t help if you fall in love with somebody,” says Greer. “The problem with that is everybody feels the energy, and people will know.” Resentful colleagues might threaten to expose you, the stress of keeping your relationship under wraps might cause strain, and if a superior finds out, you might get knocked off the promotion track, or worse, get fired.
    So, instead of violating company policy, take stock of your options. If you want to act on your feelings that badly, consider moving to a different department, or switching to another company entirely before betting your job stability on a crush.
    But hey, if love conquers job, Greer says, do you. Just remember, you’ve been warned.
    3. If coworker relationships are allowed, turn up the flirtation—but keep it cool.
    “Show them behaviorally that they’re on your mind,” says Greer. You might ask them what kind of coffee they enjoy and later bring them a cup, strike up brief conversations about upcoming local events, or ask them about their latest work project, so you can establish a rapport.
    Basically, you want to be thoughtful, but super subtle in your flirting—call it micro-flirting, if you will. “You don’t want to engage in anything that is overt or seductive or that can be misinterpreted as sexual harassment,” says Greer. Whatever you say needs to be suitable for the workplace.
    And once your coworker feels comfortable around you, and maybe even initiates conversation, you can move on to the next step.
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    4. Take it outside.
    While you can (internally) thank your boss for inadvertently playing matchmaker, limit the budding romance to outside office doors. Hopefully, through the thoughtful gestures, Greer says, your crush might warm up to the idea of getting to know you after hours.
    To keep the pressure off, invite them to something casual. Greer suggests asking them to join you for a post-work cup of coffee or drink. “Depending on their response, that gives you an idea of whether they’re even remotely interested in getting to know you better, or not,” she explains.
    5. If they’re into it, go for it.
    While a date with your office crush is super exciting, remember you’re going to be face-to-face with them—at work—in a less than 24 hours. You’ve established your workplace camaraderie, sure, but your romantic chemistry is still up in the air.
    Greer wants you to “let your hair down,” but keep in mind that, unlike a blind date or casual hookup, the two of you are now straddling two environments—work and personal life—that you’ll need to engage in. If things work out according to your fantasies, eventually navigating between the two will feel like second nature since you’ll have established ground rules on how to engage in the office. But for now, tread lightly.
    6. If they’re not, bow out.
    As it turns out, not all crushes are reciprocated (who knew? Jk, I did).
    If your crush doesn’t want to go out for drinks, or if they agree and after aren’t interested in doing it again, don’t push it, says Greer. Doing so would “put you in a potentially vulnerable position and put the other person in an extremely uncomfortable one.” What you might see as trying to “talk it out” might make your crush uneasy and could even motivate them to alert a supervisor about your behaviour.
    Instead, “continue being friendly and demonstrating thoughtfulness, but tone it [waaayy] down,” says Greer. She also recommends giving your crush some space.
    And in that time apart, take care of yourself. “Limit your encounters so that you’re not putting yourself in a position of feeling rejected or disappointed by their lack of interest,” says Greer. Soon enough, your crush will go back to being just another person at your office.
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    Deal Alert: This Thrusting Happy Rabbit Vibrator We Love Is 25% Off RN!

    So. Rabbit vibrators. Thus named because of the two little “ears” that are designed to stimulate your clitoris, while the main shaft of the toy finds your G-spot. Simple enough. And more than effective enough at producing orgasms. What more could a girl want? Turns out, the people at Lovehoney asked themselves that exact question and really pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the Happy Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator.
    Why We Love The This Happy Rabbit Vibrator
    I can see your eyebrow rising in interest at the word “thrusting”. Of course, all vibrators have thrusting abilities – all you need to do is move your hand – but this toy actually does the thrusting for you because it has built-in thrusting technology (sounds super sexy) that delivers real-feel stimulation to imitate real-deal sexual relations.
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    The shaft has three thrusting speeds and the “happy ears” have a powerful motor with three speeds and six patterns, all of which promise to provide you with intense, spine-tingling blended pleasure. The toy is covered with velvet-soft silicone and is waterproof so you don’t need to limit your fun to dry land. It’s also USB rechargeable and has a nifty travel lock to make sure it doesn’t hop into action as you’re making your way through customs.
    This rabbit is pretty big, so it could be a bit intimidating to those brand-new to the toy game, but it’s super-simple to use (it only has two buttons) so you don’t need a PhD in engineering to get yourself off. If you’re looking for something new and exciting that will take you down a rabbit hole of fun, this Happy Rabbit vibrator is just for you. And as always, a good water-based lubricant is a must.
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    [buy_button img=”” url=”” description=”Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rabbit Vibrator” price=”1 492″ title=”Buy Now” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
    Heads Up: To celebrate Women’s Day, Desir is giving all the ladies an early spoil with 25% off their entire Rabbit Vibrator category. You can check out all they toys available here. The promotion runs from Monday 1st August until Monday 8th August and is applicable for Showroom visits too.
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    What Is Queefing — And How To Handle It Like A Pro

    Picture this: You’re in the middle of having super hot sex, totally lost in the moment, when your vagina lets out a noise that sounds suspiciously like you had too many beans for lunch.
    You just queefed, nbd. While you’ve probs experienced this kind of “vagina fart” before (and btw, probs will again), you might not know what queefing actually is. Since this definitely wasn’t covered in your sex-ed class, it’s time to set the record straight.
    What exactly is queefing?
    “We don’t devote any education to this in residency, but I tell patients it’s a very normal thing,” says Dr Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Yale Medical School. “It’s different from expelling gas from your rectum, which happens because of bacterial activity in the gut.”
    Instead, queefing is the result of a trapped pocket of air getting pushed out of your vagina. FYI: The vagina isn’t a straight tube, says Dr Minkin. It has wrinkle-like folds called “rugae,” so air could easily get trapped in there.
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    Should you be worried?
    Not at all. “Queefing is of zero health consequence,” explains Dr Minkin. Slightly related, she does caution against blowing into a pregnant woman’s vagina because the air can get into her pelvic veins and create the risk of an air embolism. “You know how people get nervous when there’s an air bubble in an IV?” she explains. “It’s the same concern: What if the air gets into the vein and travels to the heart or lungs or fetus?” That sounds pretty scary, but Dr Minkin says the worry is more theoretical than practical. (Still, good to know—just in case.)
    When does queefing happen?
    It often occurs during sex, because a penis (or another penetrating object) is going in and out of the vagina, which can displace the air inside of it. “It can happen during any position and is usually fairly quick,” says Dr Minkin.
    Of course, that’s also just so happens to be the last time you’d want to rip one. A queef can also slip out during exercise, like when you’re getting into downward dog or knocking out the last set of crunches.
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    Can you queef while you’re masturbating?
    Queefing is so not limited to sexual intercourse—anything that causes air to get caught in your vaginal canal, including a vibrator or other sex toy, can be a culprit, says Dr Stephanie Ros, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynaecology and maternal-fetal medicine at the University of South Florida. “This is all about a tunnel that has no other opening,” she says. “If air gets trapped because of movement [no matter what causes it], it has to get out.”
    Do some people just queef more?
    Just like some gals seem to get all the UTIs (ugh), some women’s vaginas are just graced with a greater queef-ability (add that to your vocab). That can change with time and experiences, too. For instance, you can become more queef-inclined after childbirth or massive weight loss, says Dr Ros. “When people lose a ton of weight, and they have a lot of sagging skin, the same thing can happen in the tissues of the vagina.”
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    Are you more likely to queef in certain sex positions?
    Doggy-style fans, you’ve been warned: You’re more likely to queef in positions where your pelvis is tilted upward, says Dr Ros. But the same goes for many, many other positions. If you’re in missionary but your butt is lifted off the bed (or floor, or couch, or beach…), for example, “that would be more likely to cause air entry and, with further movement, the air comes back out and, sometimes, it makes a noise,” she says.
    In other words: Don’t even bother trying to avoid queefing. “Sex is weird, noisy, and messy,” says Dr Ros. “Just laugh and go with the moment. Don’t try to fight it.”
    How should you handle it during sex?
    And that’s exactly what you should do when—not if—it happens to you. Since there’s no mysterious secret to avoiding queefs, you might as well embrace ’em. “Just joke about it and keep going. These things happen!” concurs Dr Minkin. Remember, it’s a natural bodily function—laugh it off and get back to business.
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