The Incredibly Simple Swap That Can Optimize Your Overall Health

Smack dab in the middle of last year, I was spending my evening as I normally do: ignoring the dishes in the kitchen sink, being berated by my cat for more pets, and scrolling TikTok for a bit longer than originally planned. All was as expected until I came across one singular TikTok about what is lurking in our water. My jaw was on the floor, I froze in my tracks, and I’ve never looked at tap water the same since. It’s an ongoing goal of mine to drink more water but if I’m ingesting boatloads of heavy metals, microplastics, and even parasites, what’s the point?

Unlike most TikToks I come across, this one offered up a solution that I knew I needed to try STAT. Enter the LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher which is shockingly… stunning? It’s rare to find a water filter pitcher that works well, let alone one that is so aesthetically pleasing, so I knew I had to get my paws on it. After using it enough times to get the hype, I’m here to spill the tea on whether it’s the one wellness item you’re missing out on.

7-Cup Filter Pitcher

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7 colors available

How it works:

I used to operate on the theory that ignorance is bliss, when it came to my health. But after a year of dealing with some health issues (albeit minor in the grand scheme of things), I realized that ignoring my bad habits, stressors, and the environmental hazards around me was probably not the move when it came to setting myself up for optimal wellness. If I wanted to live a present life without brain fog, stomach issues, bladder problems, and general fatigue, I had to take action. And one of the earliest habits I adopted was to up my water intake.

But with increased tap water intake comes an increased likelihood of coming across the 320 toxic substances that have been detected in U.S. drinking water (lead, arsenic, and “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, just to name a few). With this knowledge, I had two choices. Either A) return to a withered, constant state of dehydration or B) buckle up and find a solution. Introducing: the LifeStraw Home water filter pitcher that I won’t shut up about.

Thanks to its dual filter technology, this pitcher removes 30+ contaminants. I’m talking bacteria, parasites, PFAS, pesticides, and microplastics—you know, all of those things you don’t want to consume if you can help it. And beyond filtering out contaminants, it also reduces chlorine and bad odors for improved taste which is music to my ears. Since I’ve owned one for myself, the verdict is in. Here’s why I’m recommending it to anyone who will listen:

Why I love it:

Top of the line technology without breaking the bank

Considering this is the only water filter pitcher that removes bacteria and parasites in addition to microplastics and 30+ other contaminants, I closed one eye and braced myself when opening up my web browser. But to my surprise, my entire body relaxed when I saw that the price of the 7-Cup BPA-free Pitcher was just $44.95, with the glass version being $64.95. For what it does, how it looks, and the fact that it makes my water taste dramatically better, it feels like an absolute steal.

A design that’s as sleek as it is functional

I mean look at this thing. Despite the fact that I live with a man who insists on having a surplus of Star Wars-branded mugs in our cabinets, I really try to keep my home aesthetically pleasing which does more for my zen than I care to admit. With three new to-die-for colors between the BPA-free plastic and handblown glass options, this is a pitcher that doubles as decor and for that, I’m an automatic fan.

I love that it fits seamlessly in my fridge without taking up too much space, is lightweight which makes filling it up a breeze, and that it has an easy-fill lid that’s about as hands-free as it gets.

Sustainability that helps me do my part

Removal of contaminants from my water is an obvious win for me, but I also love that this BPA-free plastic water filter pitcher is good for the planet. I’m always taking small steps towards becoming more Earth-friendly and with one pitcher saving over 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles per year, I feel like I’m doing my part to keep our parks, oceans, and communities clean.

A brand mission that you can feel good about

I first heard about LifeStraw a few years ago when I learned about their origin story. If you don’t already know, LifeStraw has a deep history of global humanitarian and sustainability work and their mission is a simple one: to provide equitable access to safe drinking water.

LifeStraw has been a partner in the fight for the eradication of Guinea worm for 25 years and they actively respond to emergencies across the globe. Plus, for every product sold, a child in need receives access to safe water for an entire year. A brand that fights every single day for good is a rare find so when I lay eyes on one, I’m a forever fan.

7-Cup Filter Pitcher

Use code EVERYGIRL to get 20% off on any LifeStraw Home purchase today!

7 colors available

Other home products from LifeStraw:

I have the 7-Cup BPA-free water filter pitcher and while I love it, this filter is truly jus the tip of the iceberg when it comes to LifeStraw products to fit your space and needs. Here are some others our team members our eyeing right now… use code EVERYGIRL to get 20% off of LifeStraw Home products now!

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