Saudi Arabia’s new female-led tourism campaign is a must-watch

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just released its new tourism campaign and it’s a must-watch.

Showcasing the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, AlUla, a story is told through an all-female film titled Ithighlights a young Saudi woman depicted as a true explorer charting the unknown.

The movie was directed by the well-known French filmmaker and photographer Bruno Aveillan, as it aims to showcase and unharness the beauty of this ancient heritage site. As Saudi Arabia is all set to reopen for international travel on March 31, the video beautifully portrays the key sites in the kingdom to travellers.

Topping the bucket list for global destinations with cutting-edge art installations, a legacy of 7,000 years of human civilizations and stunning natural rock formations and canyons, AlUla is the first of the big Saudi Vision 2030 initiative of welcome visitors in the region.

From a diverse itinerary including nature-filled walks to art festivals and food trucks, there’s enough and more for both domestic and international travellers throughout. With a dig into the archives, visitors can explore busy bazaar stalls, book sightseeing tours and unravel a trek to the Adventure Trail as they explore the recently opened AlUla Bike Park while making most of the midnight sky.

 is a play on both the skilful artistry of ancient civilisations who carved elaborate artworks into the rocky outcrops, as well as the pure and unspoilt beauty of the geological rock formations and landscapes sculpted by nature,” Phillip Jones, the chief destination management and marketing officer at Al Ula Royal Commission (RCU), said.

This carefully curated campaign highlights AlUla’s old town which reopens in February and Jebel Al Fil (Elephant rock) which spans over 22,000 square kilometres and is also home to three luxurious hotels by Aman Resorts International, allowing visitors to plan ahead of their visit with the new facilities at the site.

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