The clever way Dubai airport is protecting travellers from COVID-19

As Emirates is set to launch more flights, with the aim of reaching 50 destinations during this month, the number of passengers travelling through Dubai airport will slowly and surely increase.

In order to ensure health and safety precautions are taken to protect passengers and employees alike against COVID-19, a clever idea to install vending machines that distribute personal protective equipment (PPE).

The machines are located in the departure areas of terminal 2 and terminal 3 in the airport, with the PPE kits consisting of a mask, gloves and hand sanitiser.

If you’re set to travel soon, you’ll likely see these vending machines around but there will also be a number of other things different in Dubai airport.

You’ll have your temperature scanned, check-in staff will be behind a Perspex protective barrier and you’ll be required to wear a mask and gloves at all times.

In April Emirates Airline announced the preventative measures in place to protect its employees and customers against the coronavirus outbreak.

All staff members who come into contact with passengers – this includes cabin crew, boarding agents and ground staff  – are provided with PPE to wear.

As well as gloves and a face mask, PPE includes a protective disposable gown to wear over uniforms and a safety visor.

The airline is also conducting rapid on-site COVID-19 tests for passengers, which are conducting in coordination with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The announcement of further protection methods against COVID-19 comes after Emirates revealed they would now be conducting rapid on-site coronavirus tests for passengers.

The tests will be conducted in coordination with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and results are are available within 10 minutes.

Feature Image: Away Luggage Instagram



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