If You’re Anxious Or Stressed, These Simple Changes To Your Routine May Help You Cope Better

Who would have imagined a single global event would change our lives forever? We still find it kinda unbelievable. For many people, COVID-19 and life under lockdown has caused stress and anxiety levels to peak, and while the restrictions may be eased, we aren’t out of the woods yet…

But if, like us, curling into a ball feeling sad and overwhelmed is no longer working for you, then these simple changes to your routine can help you cope better…

1/ Take that morning stroll

If you haven’t already been cashing in on the extended exercise time under Level 3, then it’s time to get your walking shoes out – along with your mask, obvs. With the eased lockdown regulations, we have the opportunity to create healthy habits and put an end to that exercise hibernation.

While exercise won’t eliminate the source of your stress, it will help you better. And just in case you forgot, we’ll remind you that being physically active encourages the release of endorphins (your body’s feel-good chemicals), and in turn helps lift your mood.[1] Exercise is also known to reduce the intensity of stress, and may help you to view your situation more objectively – so that you can deal with adversity in a more rational way. So, go on and get moving!

2/ Connect with people

While social distancing may keep us apart physically, it doesn’t have to stop us from calling the people we care about. Video calls are a great way of staying connected, and may even help us relax. If you’ve become lonely living life as a one-man band, then it’s time to call up your girlfriends, get out some (healthy) snacks and reminisce about the fun times you’ve had together Laughter is an excellent stress reliever! (Psssst: use this time to plan your post-lockdown reunion.) Set time aside regularly for a stress-relieving catch-up!

3/ Sleep on it

Sleep affects both our mental and physical wellbeing. Loss of sleep impairs our higher levels of reasoning and our problem-solving ability, which includes the way we deal with stress.[2] Aim to hit the sack at the same time each night and get up the same time every morning. Limit the use of electronics before bedtime and avoid stimulants like caffeine late in the day. A warm bath might be just the relaxant you need to set you up for a peaceful night of rest. If that doesn’t do the trick, combine it with reading your fave book. Feels quite indulgent all of a sudden… You’ll thank us later!

4/ Consider CBD for stress relief

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant, and it’s known to assist in relieving symptoms associated with stress – including anxiety, muscular tension, restlessness, fatigue and poor concentration.[3]

Leading pharmaceutical company, Adcock Ingram (Pty) Ltd, recently launched its flagship cannabis-based range, ADCO CBD, which is designed to help you cope with stress and life in general. The range comprises ADCO CBD PAIN, available in drops (15ml and 30ml), capsule and gel format (50g). ADCO CBD STRESS is available in drops (15ml and 30ml) and capsule format, and ADCO CBD DAILY is available in drops (15ml and 30ml) and capsule format. Products are laboratory tested, quality controlled and don’t contain sugar or tartrazine.

Trusted, reliable and reputable, ADCO CBD products are available from selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, independent pharmacies and online stores. For more info please visit and join the conversation on Facebook.

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