Katie Price risks brain damage with new surgery plans

Katie Price has been warned against more plastic surgery.

The model is said to be at risk of brain damage or even death if she continues to go through with surgery plans that she is reportedly looking to have done.

After appearing bruised and swollen back in the summer when she underwent surgery to her upper and lower eyelids, Katie is reportedly planning to get her fourth facelift done sometime soon.

Friends of the TV star have claimed that she is looking to have a procedure done to refine her chin, as well as a nose job and an eye lift.

But now an expert has warned that the mum-of-five, who is also known as Jordan, could be risking her life if she goes under the knife again.

“Having plastic surgery regularly like Jordan means you are increasing the risk of complications, including septicaemia – a serious bloodstream infection, which, if untreated, could kill her,” Harley Street plastic surgeon Mark Ho Asjoe told Closer magazine.

“I would strongly advise her against having more work,” he continued. “Jordan has been on the operating table so often and she’s had a lot of anaesthetic, which is a toxin that can kill or harm your brain cells the more regularly you have it.

“She also risks her skin dying if she doesn’t stop having work,” added the surgeon, “because when you have numerous facelifts, you’re continuously lifting and stretching skin over your muscles. The more you do that, the more scar tissue you develop, which stops the blood underneath getting to the skin.

“The lack of blood can mean skin starts rotting – it becomes black, scabs over, falls off and you’re left with a hole; this is called necrosis. Although the hole will cover back up in time, it will still leave a big scar.”

“She wants to look younger,” continued Mark, “but her skin has been pulled too tight and it has aged her. She’s become freakish. Jordan’s only 41 but she will never look normal again.

“The only way she can look better now is to let her face rest and loosen, so I’d recommend she stays away from more surgery for at least 10 years.”



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