Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Dingle tries to murder Luke Posner after being confronted over terrorising mum Wendy

EMMERDALE’s Aaron Dingle attempts to murder Luke after being confronted over terrorising rapist Lee’s mum Wendy Posner.

Victoria Sugden was violently raped in the ITV soap and in upcoming scenes Aaron takes matters into his own hands when her attacker’s mum Wendy moves to the village.

 Aaron arrives at the doctor's surgery to terrorise Wendy

Aaron arrives at the doctor’s surgery to terrorise Wendy

Fans were left horrified when earlier this year Victoria was attacked and raped by a man named Lee.

Following her turmoil, she discovered that she is pregnant with her rapist’s child.

To make matters worse, her next love interest Luke Posner turned out to be the brother of her rapist.

Meanwhile, her brother Robert is currently serving time for attacking Lee with a spade in the wake of Victoria’s rape.

In upcoming scenes, Lee’s reign of terror over the family will continue when his mum Wendy Posner moves to the village.

But Aaron will take it upon himself to warn Wendy away – intimidating her in the hope that she’ll be driven out of the village.

He then horrifies the grieving mother when he arrives at the doctor’s surgery where she works and demands an appointment.

But when Luke finds out about Aaron’s antics, he’s furious and turns violent towards Aaron.

 Wendy accused Victoria of lying about her son Lee's rape

Wendy accused Victoria of lying about her son Lee’s rape

Later, as Wendy talks to Bob, she sees Aaron approaching and flees, dropping her bag in the process.

The scared mother is then seen putting her foot down in her car, attempting to flee another vehicle following her, in the fear that it’s Aaron.

But who is the mystery driver?

To make matters worse for the Posner clan, when Luke arrives home, he’s horrified to see Aaron staring back at him.

Luke is startled when Aaron flies into a rage and moves towards him with a gold club.

Angry for revenge, could Aaron’s actions land him in prison with husband Robert?



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