This Salad Recipe Will Keep You Full All Day Long

This Salad Recipe Will Keep You Full All Day Long

Prep it the night before and take it to work for the ideal desk lunch.

A salad that can actually satisfy? This one is too good to just serve as a side – it’s a meal on its own.

Spring is creeping around the corner and we’re getting a little tired of soup… Making hearty salads filled with grilled or roasted veggies is the way to bride the gap between the seasons.

A salad that won’t leave you hungry

But how do you make sure that your salad won’t leave you starving after 20 minutes? You have to pack it with a variety of textures, tastes and hearty veggies. Iceberg ain’t going to keep you going till dinnertime! Think roasted seeds and nuts for crunch (plus protein and healthy fats), a variety of vegetables to add colour (eat the rainbow) and fibre (to keep you feeling fuller), some greens for freshness and herbs for flavour.

What also ties all these beautiful veggies together so nicely is the tahini dressing. Yum!

Why you should follow the Mediterranean diet

This recipe is from well-known Stellenbosch blogger and foodie Ilse van der Merwe – aka The Food Fox. She’s a big fan of hearty Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Did you know that the Mediterranean diet has proven to be one of the healthiest and most sustainable meal plans around. Lots of veggies, nuts, fresh fruit, fish, olive oil and whole grains… The Med diet is also high in fibre, which promotes healthy digestion and is believed to reduce the risk of bowel cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Check out her blog here.

I met Ilse about 10 years ago. We were both aspiring foodies dreaming of one day having our own eateries. She started blogging about her recipe creations and restaurant reviews, documenting her food journey. I lusted after her tomato soup recipe and made her creamy tomato chicken dish regularly. Fast-forward to 2019 and Ilse is a well-known recipe developer, she has a TV series on Via called and now her very own cookbook too.

And you can find plenty more tasty inspo in her brand new cookbook: on sale now.

Buy the cookbook here.

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